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Pressure vessel by supervision

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-07
Pressure vessel belongs to the special equipment, its operation condition is complex, bear the load forms, unqualified pressure vessel so it's easy to produce explosion, burning or leaking, once accident, often can have incalculable consequences, a dangerous precedent for the use of units of production safety, so the world will it as a key regulatory commodity. According to our country, import pressure vessel, pressure piping must be behind the manufacturing license issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine can be imported. Sales, use, has not obtained manufacture license of special equipment, the enterprise will bear legal responsibility. It is reported that the recent nantong area has occurred more than import pressure vessel was or return the case without card, bring great economic losses, the inspection department to remind import and export enterprises and their agents, the import the special equipment such as pressure container, strengthening the study of relevant laws and regulations, fulfill their obligation to inform in advance to the relevant import to departments, need special equipment manufacturing license, must obtain a license. Especially for imported equipment in the midst of pressure vessel, the enterprise should be with manufacturer or shipper to strengthen communication, to avoid due to economic losses suffered by not familiar with the laws and regulations, even bear legal responsibility.
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