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A smart paint production line


A smart paint production line! Realize 90% production automation in chemical plants! 

Intelligent manufacturing is not a simple automatic production, it is a revolutionary industrial production method, not only need intelligent factory environment, to realize the digitalization of production management of the whole enterprise, but also have Internet of things technology. There is no doubt that intelligence is the development direction of manufacturing automation. Artificial intelligence technology is widely used in almost all aspects of the manufacturing process.

In order to respond to the China national development strategy of intelligent manufacturing, Jinzong machinery has been researching and developing from the aspect of how to effectively connect the "structure and control system of equipment" with the Internet of things system since 2016, and has successfully developed the latest generation of automatic production line system, which is a real system with the function of Internet of things, and will open up one of the key nodes for the realization of intelligent manufacturing.

Among them, jinzong automatic water-based coating equipment is a significant achievement. This system uses automatic production process, from feeding to discharging is mainly completed by computer operation, most of the processes are closed automatic operation, at the same time, it also avoids the harm of chemical substances to human body, and achieves time-saving, labor-saving, energy saving and environmental protection to the greatest extent. And for customers, design, production, installation, commissioning of the annual output of 10000 tons of paint complete sets of equipment. One machine, double cylinder, high speed dispersion, pulping kettle with weighing system, automatic feeding of liquid materials and additives, step-by-step grinding, finished product filtration, automatic filling, sewage and other processes. The complete set of equipment can produce not only water-based industrial paint, water-based wood paint, but also oil-based automobile paint, texture paint, etc. The layout is reasonable and easy to operate, which realizes the seamless combination of semi-automatic and manual operation. 

As a veteran manufacturer of coatings and new energy equipment, jinzong machinery has witnessed the transformation and development of the coating industry in the past 20 years. In the past 20 years, jinzong machinery has been carrying out research, development, manufacturing and system integration of equipment manufacturing industry around "chemical industry", including automatic metering system, automatic feeding system, high-efficiency mixing, dispersion and grinding system, and automatic circulation production system , industrial color matching system, automatic filling, packaging and storage system, intelligent formula management system with invention patent, intelligent production operation system with invention patent.

Recently, the automatic control system of the styrene acrylic emulsion production line produced by Jin Zong machinery began to be applied in Egypt. The system is based on the resin production control system of SIEMENS S7-300 system. After market research and continuous development and innovation, the 90% production automation is realized through the independent formulation process management system.

Through years of exploration and development, with a sound quality assurance system, jinzong machinery has a high-quality technical team, experienced quality inspection personnel, excellent processing equipment, mature welding technology, advanced manufacturing technology and perfect detection means. Jinzong enterprise strictly abides by the tenet of "service first, reputation first", strives to improve various service systems, adheres to the principle of "mutual benefit and win-win", and always adheres to the spirit of "development, innovation and truth-seeking", and has won a good reputation from the majority of users.

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