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How to choose the right reactor motor?

How to choose the right reactor motor?


The application of enamel and stainless steel reactor equipment is very wide, whether it is a complete set of resin plant, adhesive equipment, polymer reactor,solvent production equipment in the chemical industry, or API and intermediate synthesis equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, or the new energy industry

Anode material equipment, or various mixing and dispersing equipment in the coating industry and agitation and mixing equipment in the cosmetics industry, are inseparable from the reactor.

The power heart of the reactor is the electric motor.

 If you choose an inappropriate motor, it will directly affect the production schedule or damage the equipment.

 Today, the Jinzong mechanical reactor manufacturer tells you several key points when choosing a reactor motor:

1.Power selection

Determine the torque according to the maximum viscosity of the material (the reaction is dynamic and the viscosity will also change), the density of the material, the solid content ratio of the material, the diameter of the blade of the agitator, the structure of the blade, the cross-sectional area of the front, the speed of stirring, the impact load, etc. And calculate the safety margin at more than 0.5 times the maximum torque, and finally determine the corresponding stirring motor power to ensure the normal application and service life of the equipment.

2. Choice of speed

According to the mixing speed and torque requirements of the application, the matching selection of the appropriate motor and reducer is carried out, and the selection of the motor speed is finally determined.

3. Selection of safety protection level

This is also very important. Choose the safety protection level of the motor according to the safety level requirements of the use occasion, site environment, material characteristics, etc. Generally, most reactors need to be equipped with intrinsically safe explosion-proof motors.

Practical requirements can ensure safe use.

4. Choice of installation method

According to the conditions of the workshop and equipment layout requirements, the vertical or horizontal installation structure should be selected, and the connection form with the reducer should also be considered.

5. The requirements of the control system for the motor

It is necessary to select different special motors according to the starting mode, stopping requirements, speed regulation mode, etc., especially for the occasions that are running at low speed for a long time or have start-stop requirements.

6. The requirements of electric power supply for motors

The selection of rated voltage and frequency should be made according to the local power supply configuration.

Selection of energy consumption levels, use verification standards and other requirements, etc.

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