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Quality and Safety



Project manager responsibility system

Standard procedure and ERP practice

Cultivate the staff with the concept of "Quality scores the success"

Continuous staff training

Standardization management at designing, procurement and construction

Stable supply chain, powerful production capability and long-cooperated outsourcing partners

Perfect management of the after-sales service



Jinzong keeps on providing customers with

perfect after-sales service, including:


1) Professional engineers on the phone and give response within one hour
2) Product tracking service
3)Product service life reminder service
4) Call-back service
5) Maintenance and replacement service
6) Product accessory part library
7) Customer database.



Design Safety


We design the drawing and make full safety review strictly according to the national standards and regulations.

We promise that the safety device and major facility be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time.



Manufacture Safety


As an experienced equipment manufacturer, Jinzong fully understands the importance of manufacture safety to the engineering factories.

Therefore, our manufacture process is constantly under the sound management of safety production norms.



Construction Safety


Jinzong's construction team possesses sufficient field experience and stable staffing.

Under the normative management, we always keep the record of "zero accident" from the beginning to the end.



Production Safety


In order to maintain users' production safety, we provide them information, training and facility of safety as well as emergency plans and safety warnings, etc.

We consistently keep the rule that the projects we design and construct always be in safety production condition after being put into use.


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