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Cosmetic Processing Machine

Jinzong Machinery focuses on Cosmetic Division & International Trading Division,is responsible for complete sets equipment’s design,manufacturing,project solution of cosmetic cream manufacturing machines,liquid detergent making machines,perfume making machines,make-up products making machines.Jinzong cosmetic machinery manufacturers will always provide better products and services to clients!

Below cosmetic making machines are used to make cosmetics

Cosmetics Processing Equipment:Kettles.Vaccum mixing tanks.Agitators.High Shear Mixers.Fluid Transfer.China industrial mixer.Blenders.

Jinzong Machinery manufactures high-quality custom stainless steel cosmetic processing equipment. Want to buy cosmetic mixing machine? Contact us.

Cosmetic mixing machines are used wherever bulk dry ingredients are processed to create uniform blends. In cosmetic manufacturing, our mixing equipment is used to create the following products, among others

1.for blush, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, etc. 2.for baby powder, dry shampoo, deodorant powder, body powders, etc. 3.for lipsticks, mascaras, etc. 4.for anti-aging creams, face lotions, masks and peels, etc.

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