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Resin plant

The whole set of resin plant includes resin reactor, vertical fractionating column, horizontal condenser, water storage tank, oil spill tank and piping (dilution kettle). All parts of the equipment that contact with the material are all made by stainless steel.

Our company can provide users with engineering design, equipment model selection guide, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation and turn-key project.

Different type and different size of complete resin plants are testing before shipment in Jinzong factory:

Jinzong Machinery has in-house capabilities to both upgrade existing synthetic resin and polymer emulsion manufacturing plants and design new ones with state of the art process control systems



Main Reactor

The size, material, heat transfer systems, mixing   systems, sealing systems of resin reactor according to client’s specification

Dosing Vessel

According to the client’s demand, it adopts gravity   tank, gravity mixing tank, gravity dispersing tank, gravity emulsifying tank.

Distillation Device

Vertical condenser, horizontal condenser and separator.

Vacuum system

All kinds of vacuum pumps, buffer tanks.

Thinning Vessel

The size, material, heat transfer systems, mixing   systems, sealing systems of thinning vessel according to client’s   specification

Pipeline system

According to the client’s demand, it decides the   heating, cooling, vacuum and material pipelines, and including related   valves, flowmeters and expanders etc.

Control System

According to client’s demand, it decides manual,   semi-automatic or full-automatic system.

Filter System

Frame filter, bag filter or centrifuge etc.

Operation Platform

Steel platform or concrete platform


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