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Efficient enamel reactor For Chemical Yield

Efficient enamel reactor For Chemical Yield


Classification Of Chemical Pressure Vessels

Classification by Purpose: The portable pressure vessel is divided into reaction vessel, separating vessel and storage container and heat transfer vesselby use.

1. Reaction vessel: the physical and chemical reaction vessel mainly used to complete the working medium is called the reaction vessel. Such as: reactor, generator, polymerization kettle, synthetic tower, transformation furnace and so on.

2. Separation containers: The main use of the media to complete fluid pressure balance, gas purification, separation and other containers called the separation of containers. such as: separator, filter, oil collector, buffer, washing tower, copper washing tower, dryer and so on.

3. Storage and Transportation containers: containers used mainly in the production and life of raw materials gas, liquids, liquefied gases are called storage containers. Such as: tanks, tanks, tankers and so on.

4. Heat transfer vessel: The container which is mainly used to complete the heat exchange of medium is called heat transfer vessel. such as: Heat exchanger, cooler, heaters, vulcanizing cans and so on.

Non Applicability Of Enamel Reactor

1. Any concentration and temperature of hydrofluoric acid and fluorine-containing media or materials, the concentration is greater than 30%, the temperature is greater than 180 °c phosphoric acid medium or materials, ph value is greater than 12 and the temperature is higher than 80 °c alkaline medium or materials.

2. In order to ensure the normal service life of the enamel reactor, the enamel reaction kettle is not suitable for chemical processes such as reaction, polymerization, storage and heat transfer of the following medium or material.

3. Enamel reaction kettle In the temperature play changes, the resulting too much stress will lead to the destruction of porcelain and equipment, so in the use of the process should be heated or cooled, to prevent the accumulation of cold poly heat.

4. The reaction process of acid and alkali materials alternately.

How To Feed The Enamel Reactor

(1) When feeding, often check whether the agitator bolts in the kettle is tightened, not loose, in case the nut bolt into the kettle, do not allow tools such as falling into the kettle.

(2) To reduce the temperature difference between the material and the kettle is too large, to prevent the hot kettle or hot kettle add cold material due to temperature difference caused by large internal stress, affecting the service life of equipment.

(3) Every batch of raw materials used in the kettle must be inspected in detail and no other impurities, especially the inclusion of metal or debris or hard block into the kettle, or easily damage enamel.

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