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Working principle and advantages of cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment

Working principle and advantages of cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment


Cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment is a semi-automatic filling system composed of high-precision pneumatic components, which operates compressed gas as a driving force. The paste filling production line can also operate in flammable and explosive environments. It is the most ideal filling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food processing, cosmetic products and other manufacturing industries. The equipment is a semi-automatic piston filling machine. It uses a cylinder to push a piston to extract and eject raw materials. A one-way valve is used to adjust the direction of the raw materials. A magnetic reed switch is used to adjust the stroke of the cylinder, which can adjust the filling volume and the air intake of the cylinder. Perform fast or slow filling.

The advantage of the paste filling machine is that it can be combined with various machines and equipment, such as plastic cup sealing machine, plastic box sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, etc.;

The whole equipment is made of stainless steel material 304, which can be disassembled and cleaned without tools, the structure is very simple and reasonable, the filling accuracy is high, and the operation is simple;

The filling volume adjustment handle and the speed of the filling production line can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling precision is high;

The filling head adopts anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling device. This product series of filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions can be divided into single-head, double-head and explosion-proof models;

A new generation of vertical design concept, light and convenient, semi-automatic material extraction, and can be fed into the hopper for relatively thick paste;

Manual and semi-automatic mutual conversion function: When the equipment is in the "semi-automatic" mode, the equipment will semi-automatically carry out continuous filling according to the set speed. When the equipment is in the "manual" mode, the operator steps on the foot pedal to carry out filling. If it is always pressed and not released, it will also become a semi-automatic continuous filling mode;

Anti-drip filling system: When filling the cosmetic production line, the cylinder moves up and down to push the bulky head. When the cylinder moves upwards, the head goes up, that is, the valve is opened, and the filling of the raw materials of the production line begins; otherwise, the filling production line is terminated. And avoid dripping and drawing;

The material tank and tee parts are connected by handcuffs, no other specific tools are required, and it is very convenient to disassemble and clean.

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