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What should pay attention to repair enamel kettle?

What should pay attention to repair enamel kettle?


Repairing the enamel kettle is a very useful technology. It can repair the damaged enamel reaction kettle well, and then let people continue to use it without delaying normal production operations. Therefore, such a technology is used for many Enterprises with enamel reactors should prevail, so that operators will not be overwhelmed when the enamel reactor fails or is damaged. We should all know that the enamel reactor is the most widely used equipment now. It must be used in many chemical industries, but there will definitely be various damages, such as de-porosity, air bubbles, pores, etc. Cracks, etc. are all possible occurrences of enamel reaction kettles. So at this time, the technology of repairing the enamel kettle is particularly important, so what should be paid attention to in the professional repairing technology of the enamel kettle?

The first thing to pay attention to is to strictly follow the construction process of repairing the enamel kettle to ensure the quality of its technology, and then to pay attention to the design of the coating during the repairing process to ensure that there is sufficient thickness of the coating film, as well as the anti-corrosion design The schedule should be as early as possible to allow sufficient time for drying and curing. For areas with severe corrosion, comprehensive composite coatings or fillers should be used to repair. The most important thing is to ensure safety measures. What is the safety? To implement.

Therefore, only with professional repairing enamel reactor technology can it bring benefits to enterprises using enamel reactors, and it can also reduce unnecessary economic losses.

Do you know about repairing enamel kettles?

Friends, do you know the technology of repairing enamel kettle? Do you know how useful it is for the enamel reactor? Did you know that you can use it to bring the enamel reactor back to life? First of all, what we should understand is that the enamel reactor is a device that is used in many industries today, and it is also the driving force and foundation to support the rapid development of some industries. It has occupied a very important position in many industries in our country. .

Since it is the equipment that must be used in so many industries, the demand for enamel reaction kettles must be very high, so some operators may not pay attention to the safe use of enamel reaction kettles during the production process, which may be damaged by some hard objects. The impact, or the phenomenon of enamel bursting in the process of heating or cooling, or some other damage, etc., then in this case we have to use the repairing enamel kettle technology, specifically how to do it Woolen cloth? Our first step should be to clean the surface of the enamel kettle so that it does not have some dirt, and then use a straight handle grinder to grind the parts to be repaired. After grinding, pour the ingredients on the work board in proportion and mix them. Make dark glue, and then apply these configured glue to the place to be repaired. Make sure that the surface of the enamel kettle is in close contact with the repair agent.

It is to repair the damaged enamel kettle according to such fine repairing enamel kettle technology, but in normal times, people should pay more attention to maintenance, so as to make it last longer.

Repair the enamel kettle technology and restore your enamel reaction kettle as before

We all know that the enamel reaction kettle has been used for a long time, and there may be many failures or damage, but if some manufacturers are nostalgic or thrifty, they may not be willing to throw away the damaged enamel reaction kettle. So now there is a technology that can repair the damaged enamel reactor very well, and then after the repair, you can make your enamel reactor look like it was not damaged before, and it can be used when you just bought it. Just as convenient.

First, evenly apply the prepared repairing enamel kettle coating on the surface of the repaired part with a rubber scraper, scrape off the air bubbles, ensure that the surface is in close contact with the repairing agent, cure at 20-30 °C for 5 hours, it is best to apply another layer , pay attention to the current configuration. Then pour out the base material and curing agent on the work board according to their proportions, and mix them thoroughly to form a dark rubber compound. If there is some dirt on the surface of your enamel reaction kettle, first deal with and remove the deposits on the corroded part, and use an angular or straight-shank grinder to grind the part to be repaired. The principle is "the rougher the better", and finally use acetone or alcohol. Clean and degrease. The enamel reaction kettle can be cured at 20-30 °C for 5-6 hours for mechanical processing, and it takes more than 24 hours for complete curing. When the coating thickness of the repair enamel kettle is high, the curing time can be shortened.

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