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The Canton Fair has opened a new chapter, and Jinzong Enterprise will bring Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the world


On October 19, 2023, the first phase of the 134th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition scale of this year's Canton Fair reached a new high, with over 200 countries and regions from around the world and 87000 foreign buyers attending, a significant increase from the 133rd session. The Canton Fair is the forefront of China's foreign trade development. By promoting international trade exchanges and promoting Chinese enterprises to enter the world, Jinzong Enterprise was invited to participate in this grand event, to embark on a new chapter of overseas trade, and to bring China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.

Jinzong Enterprise has always been committed to becoming a first-class and internationally leading industrial manufacturing intelligent equipment production enterprise, focusing on providing one-stop solutions for design, manufacturing, and engineering installation of manufacturing equipment in chemical, food, medicine, cosmetics, water, new energy, automotive supplies, and other fields. The fist products displayed at this Canton Fair have a high level of intelligence, and the quality of the products produced is good and stable. Their advanced intelligence level and professional process application technology have attracted the attention of many professional customers and have come to negotiate. After learning about the situation on site, multiple batches of customers remained unsatisfied and rushed to visit and inspect the production base of the Zhaoqing factory for in-depth cooperation and exchange; Some customers also signed contracts and paid a deposit on the spot based on their trust in the quality of Jinzong Enterprise after negotiations were completed at the exhibition site.

Build a foundation for ten years, forge a soul for a hundred years! In the future, Jinzong Enterprise will take the Canton Fair as an opportunity to accelerate its global layout, optimize its export product structure, vigorously implement its brand development strategy, actively integrate into the "domestic and international dual circulation" development pattern, focus on high-quality development, focus on research and development, control quality, focus on services, and establish a brand. It not only needs to "make smart" to go abroad, but also needs to "brand to go abroad". With the power of the brand, it will promote the stable and long-term development of "China's smart" to go abroad, Assist domestic and international customers in digital and intelligent transformation, and assist customers in creating higher business value.

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