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Waterborne acrylic emulsion production process, collection!

Waterborne acrylic emulsion production process, collection!



With the higher pursuit of quality of life, the increasing demand for environment-friendly new materials and the stricter requirements of the state for environmental protection, the "oil" to "water" will become the trend of development in the future. The technology and preparation methods of waterborne acrylic emulsion are also increasingly demanding.


   Acrylic emulsion is used for building waterproofing, water-based ink, adhesive and so on. It is widely used in many fields as follows:

1. All kinds of high, middle and low-grade interior and exterior wall emulsion paint.

2. Exterior wall emulsion paint, real stone paint, rock flake paint, texture paint.

3. Used as finishing agent for silk fabric and leather.

4. Finishing agent for photo printing paper and paper treatment agent.

5. It has good sealing performance for wood oil and tannic acid. It is used as transparent sealing primer for wood, wood board and floor.

6. Electrodeposition coating is used as binder for metal waterborne paint and plastic waterborne paint.

7. Asphalt waterproof modifier.

8. It is used as antistatic agent for polymer materials, flocculant for sewage and oil solid-free drilling additive.

一、 Acrylic emulsion classification:

1) according to the classification of products, they can be divided into: interior wall emulsion, exterior wall emulsion, elastic emulsion, waterproof emulsion, closed emulsion and so on.

2) according to the composition of the product, it can be divided into: pure acrylic emulsion, silicone acrylic emulsion, styrene acrylic emulsion, vinyl acetate emulsion, etc.

二、Acrylic emulsion characteristics:

It is non-toxic, non irritating, harmless to human body and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is a non film-forming high gloss resin with excellent luster and transparency and good anti adhesion performance.

Introduction of waterborne acrylic emulsion technology:

Preparation of waterborne acrylic emulsion: adding acrylic monomers, emulsifiers and water to acrylic acid monomer, acrylic monomer and acrylic functional monomer, and emulsifying it. Obtain non layered emulsion; Then, the remaining water, remaining emulsifier and buffer are added into the jinzong polymerization reactor, the temperature is raised, the emulsion is input, the initiator is added for reaction, the remaining emulsion and remaining initiator prepared above are added, and the set time is completed; Then the gold polymerization reactor was heated to a certain temperature to keep the reaction. The temperature was lowered to a certain temperature. The pH regulator was used to adjust the pH value of the reaction system to 6~7. That is to say, the waterborne acrylic emulsion was prepared.

Over the past 20 years, Jinzong machinery has focused on the R & D, manufacturing, output of complete sets of equipment and general contracting services for industrial project construction of chemical dispersion, emulsification, mixing, reaction fermentation and grinding equipment, and provided customers with engineering consulting, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, procurement, automatic control, construction management and project management. Relying on its strong equipment manufacturing and engineering service capabilities, it has successfully built nearly 1000 sets of complete production lines over the years, successively served thousands of large and small enterprises at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized and supported by customers at home and abroad.

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