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China's total output of hot melt adhesives increased by 9.85% in 2018

China's total output of hot melt adhesives increased by 9.85% in 2018


Yang Xu, vice president and Secretary General of China adhesive and adhesive tape industry association, said at the 2019 China hot melt adhesive professional summit forum that China's total output of hot melt adhesive reached 1031700 tons in 2018, an increase of 9.85% over 2017, far exceeding China's GDP growth of 6.6%, and becoming a veritable new material industry encouraged and supported by national policies. China has sufficient economic toughness and great market potential. Hot melt adhesives will have rapid development in the application of automatic packaging, Internet Express bags, disposable sanitary materials, automobiles, construction and interior decoration, convenience packaging and other applications, as well as in the replacement of solvent adhesives. In 2019, the hot melt adhesive in Chinese mainland will still maintain relatively high growth rate, and its growth rate is about 8% to 10%. It is estimated that by 2023, the output of domestic hot melt adhesive will reach about 1.15 million tons, accounting for 40% of the global consumption.

According to Yang Xu, after 30 years of research and practice, China's hot melt adhesive industry has more than 20 product segments. Fierce market competition promotes continuous innovation. According to incomplete statistics, after September 30, 2001, 2161 hot melt adhesive and related invention patents were disclosed in China and 495 in the United States. Relevant process control and efficiency are significantly improved.

The key equipment for hot melt adhesive production, such as reaction kettle, has been fully localized and has reached the international leading level. Jinzong machinery, which was earlier engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of hot-melt glue kettle in China, provided a set of 8000L coaxial reverse mixing melting kettle with leading level to Bostik of total group in 2005, which greatly improved the glue melting efficiency and production quality, led the latest trend of hot-melt glue kettle, and achieved good economic benefits in recent 15 years.

China's hot melt adhesive technology is generally at the advanced level in the world. SBS, SIS polyether polyol and other hot melt adhesive materials are produced in China. Most of the hot melt adhesive materials are in sufficient supply in China with good quality and low price. However, in the global competition, China's hot melt adhesive industry still faces problems such as insufficient brands, backward international layout and lack of international talents. It needs to practice its internal skills such as performance, quality and cost.

According to Zhao Qingfang, director of the hot melt adhesive Professional Committee and general manager of Hangzhou Renhe hot melt adhesive Co., Ltd., high-performance hot melt adhesive represents one of the development trends of hot melt adhesive products.

Experts pointed out that product personalization and differentiation will become the key for enterprises to gain a firm foothold in the market. With the increasing demand for market, the new consumption in Chinese mainland has more and more high demand and personalized customization. The application fields of hot melt adhesive products are constantly being segmented and expanded, and the products are also increasing. This will also force the hot melt adhesive enterprises to go on the road of personalized product development, and push the adjustment of hot melt adhesive industry structure, transformation and upgrading.


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