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Wonderful "continuation" force! Jinzong machinery appears in 2021 Zhejiang Beauty Expo.

Wonderful "continuation" force! Jinzong machinery appears in 2021 Zhejiang Beauty Expo.


On March 25, 2021, Zhejiang Beauty Expo was grandly opened in Yiwu International Expo Center. Since the CYBE Zhejiang Beauty Expo was  established in 2013, which not only has been oriented to the world and the national service of the purpose, but also has won the praise and favor of many exhibitors and merchants with its professional and international characteristics.


Prevent, control and overcome the epidemic; Make the beauty industry shining with vitality.  As a cosmetic equipment design and manufacturing supplier with more than 20 years of history, “Jinzong machinery”participated in the feast and made an amazing appearance with a new series of explosive new products!


2021 Zhejiang Beauty Industry Expo

Time: March 25-27, 2021 

Venue: Yiwu International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province

Jinzong booth: A-BT29


The perfect combination of high-grade white and mysterious purple. Fashionable booth and a series of high-value products have attracted a large number of exhibitors to visit and understand at the beginning of the exhibition.  It ignited an upsurge of consultation and cooperation on the first day of opening!

The popularity of the Expo pavilion and the enthusiasm of clientele ran high. With professional quality and full spirit, Jinzong's employees enthusiastically explained products and constantly communicated with customers.


Manufacture top-selling products with the spirit of craftsmanship!

Explore new business opportunities in the beauty industry and find the turning point of commercial opportunities to pry the beauty industry market after the epidemic! Relying on advanced scientific and technological strength, Jinzong machinery innovates new trend products brought by intensive research to better serve customers.

If you are still suffering from the weak competitiveness of products and inability to break through the market , etc., I strongly recommend you pay attention to scanning the QR code to learn more about product details and beauty industry.

A good beginning determines the driving force of development! At present, Zhejiang Beauty Expo is going on . Next two days, We will be waiting for you at the A-BT29. Looking forward to you!

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