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Advantages of Detergent Complete Production Line

Advantages of Detergent Complete Production Line


The Complete Detergent Production Line that Jinzong Machinery design and manufacture is the professional equipment for production of daily chemical liquid product such as dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, softener,etc. The production line consist of these parts: pre-mixing kettle, homogeneous emulsion kettle, weighing system, finished product mixing kettle, storage tank, heating system, cooling system, vacuum system, conveying system, filtration system, filling system, control system, etc; Automatic production process reduce work intensity of the operator and avoid the quality problem caused by human factors, so it greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency.Suitable for production of high-grade detergent, shampoo, medicine, food emulsion, etc.

Product Advantages

1.Excellent environmental protection index, safe operation

The emulsifying process of the main tank was conducted under the condition of whole sealing, which prevent the pollution of the dust and microorganism, the material in the water tank, oil tank and powder tank(optional) added into the main emulsifying tank through the way of vacuum feeding, the discharge is achieved by main tank pressure or pump conveying.

2.Multiple functions , full mixing

The main tank can be heating or cooling; Main boiler is equipped with low-middle speed agitator and high shear homogeneous emulsification device, they can be used both separately or together; The dispersing,homogeneous, emulsion, and mixing of materials can be finished in a short period of time.

3.Real-time monitoring, safe operation

The main kettle has sight glass with lamp,so it can observe the conditions of the kettle at any time.The whole structure is three jacket, the heating and cooling can be finished in the same jacket;The outer of the jacket has aluminum silicate insulation layer,which can prevent the operator burns, and ensure production safety.

4.Health level, in line with GMP

Production line and material contacting parts adopt high quality of 304 or SUS316L stainless steel, the inner surface mirror polishing processing, vacuum mixing device health and clean, and manufactured in accordance with GMP hygiene standards.

5.Intelligent production, which is stable and reliable

Main kettle can increase the weighing system or raw material feeding with flow meter, it can realize automatic feeding the raw materials; The touch screen, industrial control machine and PLC all adopt international famous brand, which can be programmable control and achieve industrial intelligent.

Working Principle

Homogeneous emulsifying kettle is made up by high shear vacuum homogenizing emulsifier and mid-low speed agitator; The material in the function of centrifugal and the hydraulic force produced by the high speed rotating rotor and stator of the homogeneous kettle, is strongly shearing, centrifugal extrusion, impact fracture, fluid friction and layer turbulence, uniform fine, dispersing and emulsion in an instant; At the same time, the low-mid speed agitator fully mixing and recycling the material,it increases the production efficiency and product uniformity. The common combinations include: Multi-Layer Paddle Agitator +Bottom Type High Shear Emulsifier, Anchor Agitator +Offset Type High Shear Emulsifier,Two-way Positive & Negative Agitator + Center High Shear Emulsifier; Some products can be equipped with In-line High Shear Emulsifier according to the production process requirement to improve the product fineness and production efficiency.

Mixing Kettle generally adopts two-way low-speed mixing, clockwise frame type scraper mixing, and counterclockwise paddle mixing, the scraper agitator produce centrifugal effect during operation make teflon scraper closely to the kettle wall, it effectively solve the problem with residue of material on the wall, no dead Angle. In different detergent production process, homogeneous emulsifying kettle and mixing kettle can be designed separately, two working procedure, or can also be uni-body design, to complete all the process in one kettle.

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