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Filling and Sealing Machine Line

Filling and Sealing Machine Line


Premade Pouch Packing Line for Liquid

Liquid packaging machine Description

Bag-given automatic filling and sealing machine Suitable for mang different liquid food, such as shampoo, fruit juice, tomato...

Premade Pouch Packing Line for Liquid Main Features

1, Full automatic 8-staion intermittent rotay performed bags dispensing, opening and closing machine combines with automatic combination weigh scale filler, overhaed work platform and Z-elevator bulk feeder.

2, Safety guard protected for high speed and consistent production.

3, Heavy duty components and parts are selected for machine durability.

4, Hygienic construction and easy cleaning. Operator friendly design touch-screen control system.

5, Versatile in design, easy to link up with other down stream packaging equipment, such as liquid filler, powder filller, multiheads weigher, metal detector, checkweighter, case sealer etc.

6, Innovative and practical solution at reasonable costs.

7, Dust control and extractor system on special request

Pre-Made Bags Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine Line for Sweets

The production line machinery is made by 304 stainless steel frame and food class plastic ABS buckets.


The elevator is applicable for vertical lifting of grain material in departments such as corn, food, fodder and chemical industry, etc.


For the lifting machine, the hopper is driven by the chains to lift. It's used for vertical feeding of grain or small block material. It has advantages of large lifting quantity and highness.


Conveyor speed controlled by inverter. Bucket movement controlled by level sensor.


 Main Features

1) The most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer.

2) Circle dump avoid materials drops together to avoid break and pile up

3) 10.1 inch touch screen with multiple languages.

4) Adjustable backlight control for vision protection

5) Compatible with single packaging machine for automatic weighing.

6) Instant hopper vibration index for better control.

7) 50 preset programs for multiple tasks.

8) Individual setting linear vibration amplitude

9) Templated motor drive, convenient for dismantling

10)With CE certificate.

Jinzong Machinery was established in 1990s, it specializes in manufacturing of reactors, vacuum mixers, vacuum homogenizer mixers, disperser, mills, tanks and vessels, filling machine and resin plant etc. and the production system lines as well as undertaking the project construction EPC General Contractor for related industries. 

Guangzhou Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in development R&D, sales and service for single-machine and complete production line.

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