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5 gallon Water Filling Machine Processing

5 gallon Water Filling Machine Processing


The detergent liquid tank is equipped with heat-resistant double-layer material, liquid level detector, temperature controller, alarm device and quick-flow chute to reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption.

Ventilation hole connector is installed inside the machine, and help to reduce the concentration of the mirage inside the machine to improve the detection accuracy.

Bottle mouth sterilizing device.

Automatic chemical dosing system, automatic water replenish mechanism, liquid level detector, and sampling valves are installed for the chemical tanks.

Inserting-type rotary nozzle and spherical nozzle, no dead angle rinsing to guarantee the quality.

Uniform water recycling pipeline for all the released washing mixture.

Linear filler:

The filler is another core of the whole 5 gallon bottle water production line. After our hundred times of experiment , the multi-pressure, multi-flow and inverter-controlled non touch filling method is succeed, this filling method can guarantee the filling speed and the filling accuracy ,at the same time , there is no over flow water.


Non-touch filling, do not hurt the bottles

No secondary pollution,

Inverter-controlled and multi-pressure filling, to save the water and energy.

The traditional water return pipe is canceled , no waste water

All parts contacting with the product water are made of AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel, no dead angle polished, and easy to clean.

Filling chamber is isolated-designed, with optional 100 degree air filtration unit installed on the top ceiling if customer required, ensuring hygiene of product water

Rotary filler:

Fierce competition is the engine for bottled water industry to continually update their filling machine: High filling speed, better filling effect. It is the rotary filler that becomes their best choice.


Pressure filling method.

All parts contact with the product water are made of food grade 304a or 316L stainless steel.

Stable and high speed filling.

The filling level is adjustable.

High hygiene standard


The capper has two types, belt type and hammer type, it's the device to tight the caps after filling.


Belt type capper has good continuity and strong sealing.

The capper is highly compatible with various heights of bottles.

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