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Jinzong Automatic liquid detergent production line


Application of liquid detergent production line:

To produce liquid washing products, like shampoo, liquid soap, bath shower, body lotion, dish washing, hand washing, lubricating oil, fabric softener, liquid cloth cleaner etc.

Our semi-automatic series & Automatic series Liquid Detergent Production Line has win the acknolwledge by many big enterprise.

Our Liquid Detergent Machine is specially designed according to user's production technics and condition, and our company can provide from design, production, installment to raw material supply, which means the complete process of the project.

Chemical raw material and formula

We can supply chemical material and formula of all kinds of liquid detergent like dish cleaner, windows cleaner, bath shoer, hand washing, shampoo etc. to customer.

Also we manufacture all machine in the liquid detergnet production line: Pure water making machine, mixing tank, filling machine, capping machie, labeling machine and code printer and shrinking machine etc.

Liquid detergent blender machine

Liquid Detergent Mixing Tank has various types, and we can collocate the production line flexiblely according to customer's production scale and technology, such as to add pretreatment boiler, cooling tank and conveying pump etc, this greatly helps to improve the production efficiency and save energy.

Packaging equipment

Please let me know your bottles' size and shape, cap's size and shape, label's shape,  we will make a complete solution according to your requirements for you!

Automatic liquid detergent filling production line with CE & ISO

1. This series of automatic liquid production line is widely used for automatic bottle packaging of various liquid detergent & pesticide products in chemicals & daily use chemicals fields.

Based on different detergents, bottles & capacity, we have different models. We'll professionally customize & make the most economical & top-quality filling line for your different requirements.

The auto packaging line consists of bottle scrambler, liquid filler, capper, labeller, washer, conveyor, sealer ect; 

2. Using the pneumatic piston booster and volume measurement (also gravity-type filling, over-flowing type filling, weighing-type filling ect), the filling precision is very high.

3. As the bottles go straight into the machine, it is duitable for bottles with different specifications and shapes, including alien-shaped bottles, also easy to adjust & operate.

4. All made of top-quality stainles steel, totally in accordance with GMP requirements.

5. PLC system to control the whole machine, with highly automation & stable performance.

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