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Disinfectant gel hand sanitizer production process and solution

Disinfectant gel hand sanitizer production process and solution


Hand sanitizers are liquids, gels or foams used to eliminate bacteria and viruses, among other things. Different product formulations vary greatly. Using a number of active ingredients, such as benzalkonium chloride, however, the most effective are alcohol-based disinfectant products, usually isopropyl or alcohol. Usually 60 - 95% alcohol content. Alcohol is usually mixed with a polymer glue, such as carboxyvinyl polymer aqueous dispersions for a gelling effect, although some products are of low viscosity for use in foam pumps. The remaining ingredients include skin care products and fragrances and some colors can also be added.

One of the key steps in the manufacturing process is the preparation of the gel. Obtaining a non-coalescing dispersion is necessary to ensure a clear, transparent gel after neutralization. Some formulations include surfactants and moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin to protect the skin and prevent it from drying out. These may constitute a small part of the overall formulation, and the gel mixing system must be able to uniformly disperse them throughout the product.

Problems that may be encountered in the production of hand sanitizer making machine:

Low density powders such as carboxyvinyl polymers are difficult to incorporate into the liquid phase by ordinary mixers and this can lead to problems with dust and air entering the product. Because air entrapped in the product is difficult to remove, a minimum amount of air ingress should be ensured.

Because too much air ingress can adversely affect product performance, stability, and even packaging, especially when packaging is determined by volume rather than weight. To ensure a uniform dispersion effect, it often takes a long time to disperse and stir.

Potential full yields are difficult to obtain with traditional agitation; many formulations contain unnecessarily high levels of polymeric glue to compensate for this. Delamination may occur when mixing stages together using conventional mixing equipment, especially if there are multiple stages of different viscosities. This results in long stirring times, poor consistency and batch variations.

Using Jinzong's high shear vacuum dispersion emulsifier can overcome these problems, providing you with a solution that results in a short mixing batch time and can be deaerated.

The first step is to add purified water and carbomer to the emulsification sanitary stainless steel tanks. When the emulsifier is turned on, the powder and liquid are rapidly passed through the high-shear homogenizer by the suction of the high-speed rotating stator and rotor.

In the second step, the high-speed mechanical force generated by the vacuum dispersing emulsifier makes the multiphase solid-liquid material undergo strong dispersion, shearing and mixing through the narrow gap between the stator and rotor.

The dispersing and stirring of the materials in the third step can be carried out in a closed vacuum environment, so that the whole mixing process can not only ensure the contact between the materials and the outside world, but also ensure that less air enters the product. In order to ensure the aeration-free in the gel product, the quality of the product is truly guaranteed.

High shear mixing ensures rapid addition and dispersion to prevent powder agglomeration, resulting in a scientifically effective solution.

Mixing and stirring can be carried out in a closed vacuum system environment to eliminate air bubbles.

Emulsifying mixers can easily blend liquids of different viscosities, eliminating possible layering problems.

Mixing in an emulsifying mixer ensures that functional ingredients, which may only account for a very small proportion, are evenly dispersed throughout the fluid product, ensuring a homogeneous product.

Jinzong Machinery High Shear Emulsifier can handle high viscosity formulations.

Improve batch consistency.

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