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Filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions

Filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions


Cosmetic products can range from thin liquid products such as perfume and baby oils to thicker creams and lotions for skin care and hair.  In an industry that serves a large variety of product types, no single cosmetic filling machine will normally work for all of the products.  When it comes to cosmetics, there are several different liquid fillers that are ideal for the different creams and lotions offered by the industry.


Piston fillers are also versatile filling machines in that they can handle a wide range of product viscosities while providing an accurate volumetric fill.  For thick creams and lotions, the piston may work better than either of the two fill principles noted above.  For companies filling cosmetic products ranging from low to very high viscosities, this machine can sometimes provide a solution for all products, depending on a number of factors, including speed, bottles or other containers and the characteristics of the products themselves.


Pump filling machines are often ideal for creams and lotions found in the cosmetic industry.  These liquid fillers can handle thicker products through the use of several different pumps and nozzles.  The ability to move thicker products with a pump matched to the product itself, along with the flexibility to use many different types of heads, makes the pump filler a versatile piece of packaging equipment.  However, these machines will require a pump for each and every fill head in use. 


Overflow fillers allow for an aesthetic fill that is ideal for products bottled in clear containers.  While the overflow filler can work with some thinner creams and lotions, it is not always the best solution for these products.  This type of liquid filler relies, in general terms, on overflowing the container, with excess product returning to a holding tank through the unique nozzles.  But when a thicker product is used, fill times may increase slightly.  The choice to use this type of filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions will normally come down to balancing the value of the level fill against the possible extra time required each cycle to achieve such a fill.

Each of the filler types described above can be manufactured to run automatic production for high speed facilities or can be built as semi-automatic cosmetic filling machine manufacturers with lower demands.  Finding the ideal solution will entail a simple analysis of product, package and production needs.

Face Cream, hand cream, moisturising cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, body lotion, body milk, sunscreen, are all personal care products that can be filled into various packaging by Jinzong Machinery’s filling machines, regardless of the level of viscosity or the package shape. The same automatic cream filling machine can fill other viscous or liquid products, by dismantling every part that is in direct contact with the product, cleaning it and mount it again, or by connecting the machine to the C.I.P. cleaning system, you can maximize your production by packing several products and package types with one cream filling machine or line.

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