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The significance of automatic filling machine for food, medicine and daily chemical industry

The significance of automatic filling machine for food, medicine and daily chemical industry


There are various specifications and models of automatic filling machines. According to the conveying mode of packaging materials, it can be divided into two categories: rotary automatic filling machines and linear automatic filling machines. The rotary automatic filling machine also generally uses a continuous filling mode, that is, the packaging material automatically realizes the filling behavior during operation, so its work compliance can be planned very high. Linear automatic filling machines are generally of intermittent behavior type. When the packaging material runs to the filling position, there is a pause behavior, queue filling, and its efficiency is lower than that of the rotating model, but the filling is stable and will not easily overflow. The quality is easy to guarantee, and the construction is simpler compared to the rotary model. It is widely used in food processing, biopharmaceutical and daily chemical industries.

Food and beverage filling is a huge market segment in the field of filling machinery. The automatic beverage filling machine production line is mainly the entire automatic production line, with a high degree of automation technology. Today, the consumption of beverages per person in the country, especially pure water There is a huge gap with the average level of developed countries in the world. With the advancement of technology and the advancement of the market economy, my country has entered a well-off society. The average level of people's clothing, food, housing and transportation has improved, and the market space is huge.

The pharmaceutical mixing tank industry produces filling. The overall characteristics of this filling machinery and equipment are small size, high price, and the output value accounts for about 12-15% of the medicine. Therefore, this kind of packaging machinery and equipment also has higher requirements for the average level of automation technology, and the corresponding enterprise's purchasing ability of automation machinery is also strong. Today's national pharmaceutical innovation will only require more and more stringent packaging requirements, especially Western medicine, which should be packed as much as possible to prevent secondary pollution. The traditional paper sub-packaging bag has basically been eliminated. This market will also maintain steady above-GDP growth.

The use of filling machinery and equipment in the field of daily chemicals is also very common. Daily chemical filling is similar to pharmaceutical packaging, with small size and high price. Many machinery and equipment can be used together with pharmaceutical filling machinery. For example, the automatic filling machine of Jinzong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. can not only fill daily chemical products, such as mayonnaise filling machine, facial cleanser, shampoo, etc. It can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as erythromycin ointment and other pharmaceutical products.

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