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Cosmetic machinery manufacturers and supplier in China

Cosmetic machinery manufacturers and supplier in China


Toothpaste emulsifier choose Jinzong Machinery

Toothpaste is a daily necessities closely related to our daily life. Often, consumers choose their efficacy and hygiene. So do you know how toothpaste is made? As the cosmetic filling machine manufacturers, how to choose a toothpaste emulsifier mixer for better results.

Toothpaste is produced through an emulsifying machine. Hygiene is very important as a sanitation permit is required. Choosing a vacuum-type toothpaste emulsifier can make the material be evacuated. This process stops bacteria from entering the air. Ensure hygienic conditions. At the same time, a homogeneous emulsifier should be selected when choosing, because the top of the pot of this equipment is open, and this equipment is cleaned more thoroughly, which is convenient for daily cleaning work. After ensuring hygienic conditions, we need to consider the role of toothpaste. The average consumer prefers finer and uniform types. At this time, we need to choose a high-speed shearing emulsifier for production, because this type of toothpaste filling machine can make the material more uniform, fine and emulsified.

In addition to toothpaste emulsifiers, Jinzong's cosmetic cream homogenizer is a large mechanical device. The emulsifier cuts the dispersed material and hits the material by the high-speed rotation of the homogenizer head connected with the engine. In this way, the material will become more refined and promote the integration of oil and water. It is widely used in cosmetics, body washes, sunscreens, and many face creams and creams. Cosmetic cream mixers are used in the food industry for seasonings, juices, etc. Ointments in the pharmaceutical industry. Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers are used in petrochemicals, paints, coatings and inks. It is usually equipped with a homogenizer on the body.

With the development of economy and technology, cosmetic homogenizer emulsifier has also been developed and improved. Today's body and automatic cream filling machines are equipped with operating platforms, and are all automated and intelligent. It depends on which step in the production process of the machine requires manual and independent operation. If it exists, it is semi-automatic, otherwise it is fully automatic. There are many types of fully automatic vacuum emulsifying machines, ranging from 5L to 5000L. Coupled with the fully automatic production process, it greatly meets the batch and continuous production needs of enterprises.

How many types of cosmetic manufacturing machinery are there?

Cosmetics manufacturing machinery is a necessity for cosmetic factories. There are many types of them, but they all have one thing in common, which is that they are all used in cosmetic production. Including vacuum emulsifier, liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, perfume making machine, perfume freezer, lipstick production line, powder cake production line, etc.

The vacuum emulsifier refers to the mechanical equipment that stirs, shears the material, and finally achieves the emulsification effect. It is mainly used in the production of face creams, lotions, essences, hand creams, skin creams, body lotions, facial cleansers and other products. It is the main equipment and core equipment of cosmetic factories, and the lifeblood of cosmetic enterprises. In addition, the vacuum emulsifier can also be applied to daily chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It can be considered as a multifunctional beauty mechanical device. It's also an entry-level option for cosmetic companies.

Liquid filling machine refers to cosmetic machinery equipment for filling, sealing and packaging liquid cosmetics. Equipped with multiple filling heads, the machine fills liquid cosmetics into bottles and other packaging materials through a hose. Some liquid filling machines are equipped with a tail sealer, which will seal the tail immediately after filling and realize one-stop production of cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment.

Both the perfume maker and the perfume refrigerator are used for perfume production and can mix, stir, freeze and filter perfume. Compared with vacuum emulsifier mixers, perfume machines are relatively small in size. If your company needs it, you can start with a fragrance maker.

Jinzong Machinery has been engaged in the production of cosmetic machinery for more than 20 years, and has always insisted on quality first and people first. Make the machinery and equipment have excellent quality and cost-effectiveness. Products are exported to overseas, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, etc., and are well received by customers.

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