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Do you know the concentration and purification steps in the food fermentation industry?

Do you know the concentration and purification steps in the food fermentation industry?


In the food fermentation industry, the steps for concentration and purification are as follows:

Concentration: In the food fermentation industry, concentration mainly refers to the extraction and refining process of fermentation products. This process aims to remove moisture and other impurities from the fermentation products, thereby increasing the concentration of the products and enhancing their value.

Purification: Purification is another important step in fermentation products, which mainly involves removing impurities from the products through a series of physical and chemical methods to improve their purity. For example, impurities can be removed through physical methods such as filtration, centrifugation, and distillation, or they can be precipitated or decomposed by adding chemical reagents.

In the specific operation process, the steps of concentration and purification may vary depending on the fermentation products and application requirements. Generally speaking, these steps include:

Fermentation broth pretreatment and solid-liquid separation: This step mainly improves the properties of the fermentation broth through some pretreatment methods, such as acidification, heating, and adding flocculants, in order to facilitate subsequent solid-liquid separation operations. The solid-liquid separation operation is to separate the solid and liquid parts in the fermentation broth.

Extraction: After pre-treatment and solid-liquid separation, useful components in the fermentation broth often dissolve or disperse in the liquid in some form. Extraction involves separating useful components from liquids through various methods. The commonly used extraction methods include adsorption, ion exchange, precipitation, extraction, ultrafiltration, etc.

Refinement: Due to the limited improvement in the purity of fermentation products during the extraction process, further refinement is needed. The refining operation aims to further remove impurities from the fermentation products and improve their purity.

Finished product processing: After extraction and refinement, fermentation products often require some processing operations to meet the application requirements of the product. These processing operations may include concentration, sterile filtration, heat source removal, drying, etc.

Overall, in the food fermentation industry, the concentration and purification of fermentation products are two crucial steps. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes, researching and improving related technologies and methods has always been a focus in the industry.

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