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How to purchase a suitable stainless steel reactor?

How to purchase a suitable stainless steel reactor?


Stainless steel reaction kettle is a type of reaction equipment widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and other fields. Its main structure consists of kettle body, agitator, heater, cooler, sealing device and other parts.

Among them, the reactor body is the main body of the stainless steel reaction vessel, and the size and quality of the reactor body determine the amount of material it can accommodate and the size of the reaction capacity. The agitator is a key component of a stainless steel reactor, and its type and model directly affect the uniformity of material stirring and reaction efficiency; The heater and cooler are temperature control devices for stainless steel reaction vessels, which require different temperature conditions for different reactions; The sealing device is the safety guarantee of the stainless steel reactor, and reliable sealing structures and materials need to be selected.

When choosing a stainless steel reactor, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Material of the reactor body: Stainless steel is generally used as the material of the reactor body for stainless steel reactors, with the most common being 304 and 316L stainless steel, which have good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

2. Agitator type: The type of agitator needs to be selected based on the characteristics of the material and the requirements of the reaction. Common types of agitators include anchor type agitator, frame type agitator, push type agitator, etc.

3. Heating method: There are multiple options for heating stainless steel reaction vessels, such as electric heating, steam heating, thermal oil heating, etc. The appropriate heating method needs to be selected according to actual production needs.

4. Cooling device: For reactions that require cooling, a reliable cooling device needs to be selected. Common cooling devices include jacket cooling and coil cooling.

5. Sealing structure: The sealing structure is a key part of the stainless steel reactor, and reliable sealing structures and materials need to be selected to ensure no material leakage, water leakage, or steam leakage.

Additionally, when choosing a reactor manufacturer, it is important to choose a reputable enterprise.

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