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Features of Jinzong Machinery's Paint Production Line


Paint Factory for sale or plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers process raw materials into paint.

Paint is produced with resin, solvent, pigment and a combination of additives. The paint production process. Paint production is a complex process which requires a series of chemical reactions to be successful. Each ingredient has its own uses, as we describe here: Resin - Resin is the “glue” of the paint.

These mixing tanks are standard units, available optionally in galvanised steel or stainless steel. If desired, you can also request these tanks in variety of materials and coated with a wide range of materials depending on your application.

Our mixing tanks range in size from 35 litre capacity (FMB35) up to 500 litre capacity (FMB500), and can be supplied with a large range of accessories such as manual, pneumatic and electrical agitators and lifting devices.

Fully closed production process has been adopted to the automatic integration paint manufacturing machine. No leakage of du st pollution and organic solvent,thus it saves the loss of leakage and will not cause the air pollution. Production process is automatic intelligentized. Efficiency and quality are highly improved by monitoring and recording process regularly,adopting computer management model.

Feeding the material from the base of paint manufacturing equipment by vacuum pressure makes the short feeding distance and feeding speed quickly. It avoid backflow and excavation which might happen if do this job by labour.The material is surrounded by water after entering in the tank,this avoid the powder pollution into the air and blocking at the feeding port. It can feed 500kgs material to the tank within 2 min and keep the performance constantly. Traditional way is to feed materail from the top of tank,It will take 25min to complete the same job,and the material is easy to adhere to the tank inwall causing the loss of material.

Paint production line is a type of equipment for paint manufacturing, especially for architectural paint. It mainly consists of three processes: dispersion, mixing and packing. There are two types of paint production line: manual type and automatic type. The key equipment of manual type includes hydraulic high-speed disperser, batch mixer and mobile tanks. 

Meanwhile, an automatic type is mainly composed of sealed tank, fixed disperser and mixers, feeding system, filtering and packing system. The control of its whole production process is electrical and automatic requiring very little manual labor.

Equipment for producing different paints is not same according to different formula. In addition, a manufacture usually designs the line according to the user’s capacity need and actual site conditions. As one of China leading manufacturer, Jinzong Machinery has full ability to manufacture all kinds of paint production line. Our products cover a production capacity range from 500T/year to 50000T/year with various customizing options.

Features of Jinzong Machinery's Paint Production Line

Environment Friendly and Safe Operation

The whole system runs in a completely closed state, and the production process is streamlined. There is no dust in the production workshop, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operating staff and improve the production efficiency.

Super Fineness and High Stability

Our lines adopts the international advanced dispersion and grinding machine as the grinding device. After grinding, the product has the advantages of good fineness, stable quality, small color difference and less impurity pollution.

High Degree of Automation

Applicable for powder and liquid storage, automatic batching system, automatic filling system and computer PLC control system according to process requirements to realize the entire line of automatic remote control production.

Wide Production Capacity and Easy to Clean

The paint mixing system can produce and mix various high, medium and low viscosity paint products, and it is easy to clean. You can choose a multi-functional paint mixing tank for the production of paint with various viscosity.

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