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Working principle and maintain of commercial candy making equipment

Working principle and maintain of commercial candy making equipment


What Is the Process of Making Small-Scale Candy Machines?

As a small-scale candy machine manufacturer, you need to have proper understanding of how a small-scale candy making machine works.

Your choice of machine will also be a determinant on whether you will produce soft or hard candy.

Here is a step by step guide on how the small-scale candy making machine works.

Preparation of Ingredients

First, you will prepare the ingredients that you need for making candy.

You also have to prepare the machine that you will need in the candy making process.

Following proper measurements, you will fill the mixing tank with the right amount of ingredients.

As soon as everything is ready, you will begin the operations by powering the machine and the mixing process begins.

The mixing tank will heat, stir, melt, and homogenously mix all the ingredients.

You will set the time and temperature configurations according to the amount of ingredients you have in the mixing tank.

The final result is a thick molten syrup which you will transfer to the small-scale candy making machine.

Moulding of the Ingredients

Through the products hopper, the candy will be received by the machine, where it will be moulded.

As it flows to the moulding stage, it will pass through the refrigeration system which will eliminate excess heat.

The syrup will cool to a state where the machine can transform it into a ribbon.

After that, the machine will cut the ribbon into smaller pieces and deposit it into various moulds.

For moulding the candy into various shapes and sizes, you will need moulds of various sizes and shapes.

You will also specify and control all these operations from the PLC control panel of the small-scale commercial candy making equipment.

Candy manufacturing process

Cooling and Drying of the Moulds

After a successful moulding process, you will pass the moulds through the refrigeration system to cool it further.

As soon as it is cooled enough, you will allow it to go through the drying stage in a bid to get rid of excess moisture.

Remember to set the machine to dry the candy to specific texture that you prefer.

The candy can also be decorated by adding more ingredients or by sprinkling confectionaries on top.

This is also the point where you can inscribe different initials and symbols on the candy.

Inspection and Sorting of Candy

After that, you will pass the candy through an inspection stage to eliminate the candy that has faults.

At the same time, you will make sure that the candy sorting machine sorts it out into different shapes and sizes.

Finally, you will pass the candy through the polishing machine before packaging into different packets.

What are the Quality Standards for Small Scale Candy Making Equipment?

To make the right investment in small-scale candy making machines, you must purchase high-quality machines.

You will know that a small-scale professional candy making equipment is of high quality through the international quality standards.

Implying that you must ensure that the machine adheres to the international quality standards.

Here are the main international quality standards that your machine must adhere to.

Quality standards based on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

For proper electrical configurations, CE quality standards apply.

Qualification standards developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO)

Quality standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How do you Maintain Small Scale Candy Making Machine?

Through proper cleaning and replacement of parts, you will maintain small candy making machines.

You must have a proper schedule with details on the time you will take to properly clean and maintain the machine.

Here is a guide through the cleaning and maintenance process of small scale candy making equipment.

· Removing the Parts

First, you will shutdown the machine and allow it to cool down to avoid burns during the cleaning process.

After that, you will remove the parts of the machine to expose the internal parts of the machine.

· Cleaning the Parts

To clean all the parts, you will use cleaning materials that are compatible with the materials.

Make sure that you soak the parts with stubborn stain to make them easy to clean as you clean them.

Use clean water and dry piece of cloth to rinse the parts of the machine before replacing them.

· Replacing Worn Out Parts

You must also get rid of the worn-out parts and replace them with new parts.

Remember to grease and oil the moving parts of the machine well before replacing all the parts.

Screw them tightly before considering to continue with the production process.

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