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Introduction of Nail Polish Filling Machine

Introduction of Nail Polish Filling Machine


Nail Polish Filling Machine adopts the rolling type self-priming peristaltic pump motor, which uses the microcomputer to control the rotation speed of the pump to achieve automatic quantitative filling and achieve the automatic stop of the set capacity. It is suitable for the filling of trace liquids above 2ML with small error, which cannot be achieved by other filling machines.

Features of Nail Polish Filling Machine:

1. This machine is mainly suitable for nail polish filling without sequins.

2. High filling accuracy.

3. Easy to cooperate ,high efficiency.

This machine uses a positive displacement cam-driven piston pump with a cam driven diving fill nozzle. Vacuum suck back ensures esthetic fill level. It is very compact for minimum footprint and overall space saving.With minimal solvent usage, rapid color changes can be accomplished in less than five minutes.There are no tools required for most standard components, and only a few change parts. The fully automatic version includes: automatic bottle insertion with star wheel take-up, automatic BB dropping (shaking balls), automatic brush insertion, and automatic cap placement and torquer.

Jinzong Machinery designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for nail polish.The wholesale nail polish filling machines we manufacture are designed to meet the changing needs of the nail polish industry.As one of the leading nail polish filling machine manufacturers in the market, we provide a wide range of customized nail polish filling machines to our customers. Our machines are made with the latest technology and quality materials.

Nail Polish Filling Machine – Equipped With Advanced Features

In order to meet the needs of the nail polish industry, we designed our chemical liquid filling machine specifically. Our filling machine has advanced features that allow you to complete the process quickly and easily. In order to meet our clients' needs, our experts understand the client's needs and design the filling machine. Before launching the products, our qualified team examines the parts and condition of the machine.

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Nail Polish Filling Machine at the Lowest Price

Our filling machine is designed for optimal convenience. It is simple to clean, and you can adjust the color of the nail polish with ease. Manufactured with aluminum extraction technology, it has a single nozzle which allows it to fill any liquid with precision into various bottles at an equal level of water. Our low voltage design prevents sparks from occurring when in use, and the movability factor makes it easier for transportation from one place to another. The installation process is effortless, and we offer discounted prices on purchase of this machine, allowing our customers to save money.

The CE standard high quality nail polish bottle filling machine is composed of PLC control and is driven by a cam for accurate positioning and stable transmission. It achieves automatic filling, internal plugging and capping through PLC control, with the formulation injected directly into the filling system via a blow molding process to avoid cross-contamination under sterile conditions without needing washing or drying. This machine can be applied to fill nail polish, nasal drops, ear drops, essential balms as well as other small dosage formulations.


Cosmetic products come in a variety of viscosities and that's why it's important to choose the right chemical machinery and filling machinery to achieve desired results. Overflow, piston, pump and gravity fillers are all options depending on the product type. Whether it be gels, lotions, ointments, pastes or creams - we have the equipment necessary to keep things running smoothly on your production line.After the liquid filling process, other types of equipment can maintain the efficiency of the packaging process until it is complete. It is possible to apply caps of varying shapes and sizes to a wide range of containers, to use labelers to apply high-quality labels with custom graphics, and to use conveyors to move products from one station to another at varying speeds.


Our cosmetic filling machine equipment can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes and configurations to optimize your liquid packaging process. In addition, we can assist you in installing and testing your custom liquid filling line to ensure that it delivers the results you desire.

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