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You Need to Have A Dry Vacuum Pump

You Need to Have A Dry Vacuum Pump


If you are in the food processing, printing and foil processing industry, a dry Vacuum pump is an important asset to own. The pump is made using a state –of –art technology to ensure that you reap optimal benefits from utilizing it. Before the advent of the dry vacuum pump, theprocessingin the above industries was faced with a myriad of challenges when trying to work with the older generation of the vacuum pumps.

The other vacuum pumps are costly to maintain and at the same time, they are environmentally unfriendly. The desire of every manufacturing industry is to produce goods at the lowest cost, to minimize wastage, to reduce the cost of production and to increase profitability. There are various reasons that proof that you undeniably need a dry vacuum pump. Here are some of the critical reasons that you should consider.

Limited Contamination

When using a dry vacuum pump, you are assured that there will be no contamination during processing. In thetraditional types of vacuums, there is contamination of the pumping media by the solvent which is as a result of continued carryover. This problem poses a big challenge when you try to avoid contamination of your products and parts of the pump. Continued contamination of the pump parts leads to corrosion, and the effectiveness of the pump is undermined. This corrosion will result to regular wear and tear of the pump meaning that you will be required to maintain the pump often. The case is different when using a dry vacuum pump. There is no process contamination, and the food or any other particles move rapidly at a high. There is no stagnant fluids in the vacuum that can cause contamination of the processed particles. This will save you the headache of regular breakdowns that ultimately hurts production and efficiency of a machine.

Vacuum Generation

In the other type of vacuum pumps, there must be a liquid or fluid inside them so that the pump can generate vacuum. The case is different with a dry vacuum pump since it does not require the presence of any fluid for vacuum generation to take place. This is a significant advantage that you will benefit from since it will also contribute to the reduction of process contamination. You will also benefit from reduced waste matter generation making the waste management process cheaper. Reduced contamination will ensure that the final product is clean and safe for use. The goal of the production process is to produce safe products since they will increase the profits that you gain. The dry pump is the ideal choice for this purpose and you are guaranteed of multiple benefits.

Low Cost Of Operation

The cost of operation is the biggest challenge in any form of production. When you are operating in an environment where the cost of production is minimal, you will enjoy more profits from your production processes. The dry vacuum pump gives you the opportunity to enjoy reduced cost of operation. This is because the pump is very efficient in its performance and it uses small amounts of inputs making it cost effective.

It also produces high vacuum levels which are consistent over a long period hence giving it a clear- cut and efficiency in executing tasks. It, therefore, requires limited resources to produce high and quality output after a short period. Energy consumption is much lower when compared to other types of pumps hence you have to spend less. This pump will give the best results under low budget. Its cost in the market is also affordable, and it is wise for you to buy one.

Limited Waste Production

Unlike other pumps, the dry vacuum pump rarely produces waste products making it very environmentally friendly. With this pump, you will not have to incur high expenditures when disposing and treating waste products. It has an inbuilt capacity of handling toxic vapor and gasses without releasing them to the environment. These pumps are eco-friendly a challenge that most other pumps have failed to solve. You are assured of a better operating environment when using the pump as well as significant results. Since it rarely produces wastes, the recovery of the particles is optimal, and you will rarely have lost any particulate. The technology utilized in making of this machine is sophisticated and high result oriented.


Other than being cost effective, the dry vacuum pump is also simple to maintain. There is no corrosion of the interior parts since there is no fluid used for vacuum generation. The pumphas optimized interior temperatures that accomodate corrosive gases and vapor. This is one of the factors that cause frequent maintenance requirements in other types of vacuum pumps. The pump does not require to be regularly disassembled for the purpose of maintenance. Lubrication of Gears is the only regular maintenance that this pump needs, and this saves you money that you could have used in the repair of other pumps of the different technology. This pump is durable over an extended period with minimal disturbances and maintenance requirements. It inside does not have grinding parts that may tear and wear out of friction. It is designed exceptionally to provide high performance.

Safety Of The Pump

Regarding safety, this is the best pump you can rely upon. There are minimal breakdowns, and the pump poses no threat to your life. The pump has unique features that make handle any harmful gas produced from within. It is also made of durable materials that cannot easily corrode after consistent exposure to vapor and gasses produced during processing. This one of the best pumps you can rely upon for safe production purposes.

Handling tough operations

The dry vacuum pump is designed to handle tough operations in the food processing, printing and foil filtration industries. It has a top-down flow opening which makes it possible for the carry over of solid particles. It also has a wide clearance for easier collection of the particals. It also allows liquid flushing during operations and it is torque monitoring enabled. The dry vacuum pump is undeniably the best pump you can rely upon in your chemical manufacturing processes. It provides a lot of advantages that other types of pumps cannot meet. Despite being expensive to purchase, the benefits that accrue from the use of this pump outweighs the inefficiencies that are associated with the pumps of other types of technologies. The pump offers high returns at a low cost of production and maintenance making it an ideal choice for your chemical manufacturing needs.

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