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The Structure, Principle, and Pasting Technology of Vacuum Pasting Machine


Vacuum paste making machine is one of the key equipment used in the modern cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to produce various paste like products. It can effectively improve the fineness, stability and sterility of the paste by mixing, stirring, emulsifying and degassing under vacuum, and is widely used in the manufacture of face cream, eye cream, ointment, toothpaste and other products. Below, Jinzong Enterprise will provide a detailed introduction to the structure, working principle, and functional characteristics of the vacuum cream making machine.

1、Structure Composition:   


Vacuum paste making machine is mainly composed of the following parts:


Main Mixing Tank: This is the core part of the machine for storing raw materials and mixing and mixing. Tanks are usually made of stainless steel to ensure hygiene and corrosion resistance during production.

Vacuum System:Vacuum pumps and associated lines are included to extract air from the tank,creating a low or even no oxygen environment that helps to remove bubbles from the raw materials,prevent oxidation, and accelerate the fusion between the materials. 

Heating/Cooling System: used to control the temperature of materials, 

ensure mixing and reaction at appropriate temperatures, and improve product quality and efficiency. 

This usually includes electric heating sleeves, water circulation or refrigeration devices.

Mixing Device: including different mixing paddles, such as scraping edge mixing paddles and center mixing paddles, 

designed for mixing needs at different stages to ensure uniform mixing of materials.

Discharge System: including valves, pipelines, and pumps, 

used to output the mixed paste from the tank for subsequent filling and packaging.

Control System: Modern vacuum paste making machines are equipped with advanced PLC or touch screen control systems, 

which can achieve precise control of mixing speed, temperature, vacuum degree and other parameters, 

and have data recording and alarm functions.

2. Working Principle

Raw Material Preparation:

First, accurately weigh all raw materials according to 

the formula requirements and add them to the main mixing tank.

Vacuum Establishment: Start the vacuum pump, extract the air from the tank, 

create a negative pressure environment, 

help eliminate gas in the raw materials, reduce bubbles, and improve product purity.

Heating and Stirring: According to the needs, turn on the heating system to preheat the materials 

to the set temperature, and at the same time, the stirring device starts working to fully 

and evenly mix various raw materials.

Emulsification and Homogenization: At specific stages, high-speed shear or homogenization heads 

may be introduced to further refine particles 

and enhance product stability.

Cooling and Degassing: After mixing is completed, the temperature of the paste is lowered through the cooling system 

while maintaining a vacuum state to further remove residual gases.

Discharge: After reaching the finished product standard, 

the paste is transferred to the next process or packaging line through the discharge system.

3. Functional Characteristics

Efficient Mixing and Emulsification: With a precision designed mixing device and vacuum environment, 

various raw materials can be quickly and uniformly mixed, 

and even high viscosity materials can be effectively processed.

Improving Product Quality: The operation in a vacuum environment reduces oxygen in the air, 

effectively preventing material oxidation and removing bubbles in the paste, 

making the product more delicate and stable.

Health and Safety: Made of stainless steel material, easy to clean and disinfect, 

in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, 

ensuring the hygiene and safety of the production process.

Automation Control: The integrated control system enables precise control of the entire production process, 

reduces human errors, improves production efficiency, and improves consistency between batches.

Strong Flexibility: According to the characteristics and production needs of different products, 

it can adapt to various paste preparation processes by adjusting parameters such as stirring speed, 

temperature, and vacuum degree.

In summary, vacuum paste making machines play a crucial role in 

the paste product manufacturing industry with their efficient and high-quality production capacity, 

and are important tools for improving product quality and production efficiency.

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