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Jinzong Efficient Peptide Extraction Equipment Activates New Potential in Life Sciences


Bioactive peptides are protein molecules composed of 

two or more amino acid residues connected by peptide bonds, playing various important roles in living organisms. 

They can enhance immunity, promote development, regulate metabolism, delay aging, anti-tumor, 

antiviral, regulate neural transmission, 

lower blood lipids, regulate blood sugar, etc. With their unique biological characteristics and extensive health benefits, 

they occupy an increasingly important position in medical,

 health, and life science research, 

and have become a national key development of the biological industry.

At present, traditional biopeptide production processes have many problems, 

such as high production costs, a large amount of waste of enzyme catalysts, 

residual organic solvents, low extraction efficiency, 

and complex process operations. How to reduce production costs, improve product quality,

 and strengthen enterprise market competitiveness has become a difficult problem of industry concern.

The biologically active substance extraction peptide production line equipment independently developed by 

Jinzong Enterprise is fully automated throughout the production process, 

which can accurately control key parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH value, 

and time in the extraction process, 

ensuring extraction efficiency and product quality stability, 

solving the problem of complex process operations, and reducing labor costs; 

By using membrane filtration equipment, higher purity products are produced, 

reducing impurity residues, wastewater discharge,

 avoiding waste of raw materials and enzyme catalysts, and saving production costs; 

Using low-temperature vacuum concentration equipment, 

obtain easily stored dry powder like bioactive peptide products while maximizing their activity retention;

 According to the process requirements, personalized customization can be carried out 

to meet the production needs of different scales and processes.


Equipment composition and production process of bioactive 

substance extraction peptide production line

1. Raw material pretreatment

The main task of the pretreatment equipment is to perform preliminary treatment on the raw materials,

 including steps such as cleaning, crushing, and degreasing, laying a 

solid foundation for subsequent extraction and purification work.

The crushing process adopts an efficient crusher or homogenizer, which uniformly crushes 

the raw materials through high-speed cutting 

or grinding, while avoiding the loss of peptide substances caused by excessive crushing,

 fully crushing the raw materials, increasing the extraction surface, 

and facilitating subsequent extraction.

2. Enzymatic hydrolysis treatment

Add raw materials to the enzymatic hydrolysis tank, stir and centrifuge 

to promote peptide chain breakage, and then add specific enzymes. 

Through an intelligent control system, accurately control the optimal temperature, 

pressure, and pH value for enzymatic hydrolysis, improve enzymatic efficiency, 

and ensure peptide activity.


3. Filter decolorization

By using plate and frame filtration, decolorization equipment, etc., 

the enzymatic hydrolysate is finely filtered to achieve processes 

such as decolorization, deodorization, separation, purification, 

and refinement. This simplifies the operating procedures, 

saves raw materials and production time, 

and improves the extraction efficiency by 50% compared to traditional purification and separation technologies; 

Moreover, wastewater has been treated, solvents have been recycled and reused, improving issues such as resource waste and environmental pollution.


4. Concentrated Drying

The finished product is obtained by sterilization, concentration, 

drying and other processing through multi-functional concentrator, 

spray drying and other equipment. 

By using low-temperature vacuum concentration technology, 

the risk of denaturation of thermosensitive peptide segments is reduced.

 Water is removed through sublimation, resulting in a dry powder like 

bioactive peptide product that is easy to store while maximizing its activity.


5. Automatic Control System

·Intelligent Monitoring: integrating sensors and automated control systems, the entire production process is automated, 

real-time monitoring and control of temperature, 

pressure, pH value, flow rate and other parameters, ensuring precise control of the extraction process.

·Data Recording and Analysis: Automatically record and extract various data from the process, 

making it easy to track and optimize the production process.


6. Fully automatic CIP cleaning system

The system can perform separate processes such as acid washing, alkali washing, and hot water washing, and can also develop specific cleaning programs for fully automatic cleaning as needed;

Not only can it effectively clean the equipment, but it can also control microbial growth, achieving a hygienic and sterile effect.


Performance and characteristics of equipment for bioactive peptide extraction production line

1. Technological Innovation and Efficiency: adopting the latest extraction technology and intelligent control system to improve extraction efficiency, 

shorten production cycle, and reduce energy consumption and raw material loss.

2. Activity Protection Mmechanism: The device design incorporates protective measures for bioactive peptides, 

such as low-temperature treatment and short-term extraction processes, 

to avoid extreme conditions such as high temperature and pressure that can damage 

the activity of peptide segments, thereby ensuring the high quality and activity of the final product.

3. Purification Effect and Accuracy: An efficient purification and separation system, multi-level filtration technology, 

providing higher purity products, reducing impurity residues, 

and meeting high standards in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.

4. Flexibility and Customized Services: Provide modular design and customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of different customers. 

The equipment can be suitable for small-scale laboratory experiments and meet the needs of industrial large-scale production. 

At a specific stage of production, different equipment or configurations 

can be selected according to the requirements of the process.

5. Environmental Protection and Sustainability: Adopting environmentally friendly materials and membrane filtration technology 

to reduce wastewater and exhaust emissions, 

improve solvent recovery rate, comply with international environmental standards,and conform to sustainable development trends.

6. High Cost-Effectiveness Ratio: To create a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly intelligent factory for customers,improve production efficiency, reduce waste, reduce maintenance costs, 

increase product added value, create new quality productivity,

 achieve high-quality development, and create higher economic benefits.

7. After Sales Service and Technical Support: Provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation and debugging, 

operation training, regular maintenance and rapid fault response, 

as well as continuous technical upgrade support, to ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.

Establish a Chief Quality Officer system to strictly control product quality

Jinzong Enterprise regards product quality as its lifeline and strictly 

follows international quality management system standards such as ISO. 

Under the guidance of the Market Supervision Bureau,

 it has established a Chief Quality Officer system and established a 

comprehensive product quality control process, 

ensuring that every link in the entire chain from product design, raw material procurement, 

production manufacturing to finished product inspection is strictly monitored for quality.

The company is equipped with complete advanced quality testing instruments, 

such as material chemical composition analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, 

surface roughness meter, ultrasonic thickness gauge, 

infrared temperature measuring gun, electric spark detector, spectral analyzer, etc., 

to comprehensively and accurately control the production process and product quality, 

ensuring that every product is of the highest quality.

Supported by specialized and innovative enterprises, with guaranteed service quality

Jinzong Enterprise was founded in 1999, with over 20 years of experience in the production, 

research and development, design, 

and installation of food and pharmaceutical equipment.

It has a design and marketing service center in Guangzhou and two production factories 

in the Zhaoqing National High tech Zone. 

It has the qualifications for special equipment pressure vessel manufacturing 

and pressure pipeline installation (GC2). 

It is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level specialized, refined, and new enterprise. 

It has two provincial-level famous brand products, dozens of product patents, 

software copyrights, and provincial-level high-tech products. 

It has passed the national intellectual property certification, 

ISO9001-2015 international quality system certification, EU CE certification, 

and five-star after-sales service certification. 

For many consecutive years, it has been rated by the Guangdong Provincial Administrationfor Industry and Commerce as a "Guangdong Province Contract abiding and Creditworthy Enterprise" 

with strong technological research and development capabilities and services. 

Credit is guaranteed, with users in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, Received widespread recognition 

and support from over 2000 enterprises of all sizes at home and abroad.

To do a good job, one must first sharpen their tools. 

Jinzong Enterprise upholds the concept of "quality is like gold, craftsmanship is the core" 

and provides advanced and automated production lines to manufacturing factories.

 Friends from home and abroad are welcome to visit and guide us. Contact number: 18022469891.

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