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Comprehensive Analysis of Plate and Frame Filter Equipment


Plate and frame filter equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, environmental protection and other fields of solid-liquid separation technology equipment. Its unique design enables an efficient, stable, and adjustable filtration process, especially where high clarity filtrate or solid material recovery is required. Below, Jinzong enterprise will be introduced in detail from its structure, working principle and performance characteristics.

1.The structure of plate and frame filter equipment

The plate and frame filter is mainly composed of the following parts:

Filter Plate and Filter Frame:This is the core component of the device,the filter plate and the filter frame are usually in pairs,the plate is covered with filter media(such as filter cloth),the frame is used to support the filter cake.A closed filter chamber is formed between the plate and the frame.

Compaction Device:Used to press all filter plates and frames tightly together to ensure that no liquid leaks during the filtration process.There are two common compaction methods:hydraulic compaction and mechanical compaction.

Feed Pump and Piping System:Used to uniformly and continuously feed the suspension to be filtered into the filter.

Drain System:collect and discharge the filtered liquid.

Discharge Device:At the end of the filtration cycle,used to remove the filter cake,common manual,mechanical or pneumatic discharge methods.

Control System: Modern plate and frame filters are usually equipped with an automated control system, which can achieve precise control and monitoring of the filtration process.


2. Working Principle

Pre-Treatment: Firstly, select the appropriate filter medium (filter cloth) according to the material characteristics and install it on the filter plate, and arrange the plate frames in a certain order.

Feed and Filtration: Start the feed pump, the suspension is pumped into the filter, the liquid enters the filter chamber through the filter cloth, and solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter cloth to form a filter cake.

Pressing: When the filter cake in the filter chamber reaches a certain thickness, stop feeding and press the filter cake by increasing pressure (such as hydraulic or pneumatic) to further dehydrate, improve the recovery rate of the filtrate and the dryness of the filter cake.

Unloading and Cleaning: After completing the pressing, open the pressing device, remove the filter frames one by one, and remove the filter cake. Afterwards, clean the filter cloth and frame and prepare for the next round of filtration.

3. Performance characteristics

Efficient Filtration: By adjusting the filtration area and operating pressure, the plate and frame filter can adapt to suspensions of different viscosities and particle sizes, achieving efficient solid-liquid separation.

Good Adjustability: The filtering area can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of filter plates and frames to meet different production requirements. The pressure during the pressing process can also be adjusted to optimize the dryness of the filter cake.

Easy to Operate and Maintain: Although initial installation and debugging may be complex, daily operations are simple and maintenance costs are relatively low.

Wide  Applicability: suitable for solid-liquid separation in various industries, especially in situations where high-purity filtrate and/or filter cake recovery is required, such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food processing, etc.

Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation: By using efficient pressing processes to reduce wastewater discharge and save energy consumption, it meets the environmental protection requirements of modern industry.

In summary, plate and frame filtration equipment plays an important role in many fields due to its flexible design, efficient and stable performance, and wide applicability, making it an ideal choice for achieving high-quality solid-liquid separation.

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