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Russian customers go to the factory for inspection

Russian customers go to the factory for inspection


Science and technology are the first productive forces, and science and technology is also the core competitiveness of enterprises. Continuously strengthen the R & D and innovation of core technology, continue to pursue excellence and strive for excellence, Jin Zong machinery with advanced production equipment, strict quality management, precision production testing process, to ensure the excellent performance of each product.

Today, the quality inspection department again led the Russian customer's strict, please two professional inspection companies with hundreds of thousands of imported instruments to cross inspection, of course, all of the qualified! The customer expressed praise.

Tomorrow to test the automatic control system (with SIEMENS ST-400 and IBM computer, Jin Zong independent DCS control software), the system is also configured with the golden Zong DTU device, using the Internet of things technology to connect Jin Zong intelligent service cloud platform and other advanced technology, is the more rare high end production line in the chemical plant.

Thank you again for your support from our customers.

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