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Interaction, service and perfection

Interaction, service and perfection

In order to better serve the users, on August 18, 2018, some of the elites of Jinzong Machinery Bell Department visited two chemical plants near Jinzong Factory to study, communicate with the users, listen to the suggestions of the users for the development of our company, and inspect the installation and commissioning of the complete production line of resin equipment.

We first came to a chemical plant in Gaoyao District of Zhaoqing City. The project is expected to produce 6000 tons of acrylic resin and UV resin annually. A complete set of resin production line is being installed. The project includes a complete set of production equipment, process pipeline engineering, automatic control system, structural load-bearing operation platform, public engineering system, etc. The project equipment is advanced and highly automated. The whole set is designed and manufactured by our company.

Then we came to a new material company in Zhaoqing. The first resin production unit of this project is expected to produce 50,000 tons of water-borne polyester resin, water-borne curing agent, water-borne paint, water-borne additives and so on. The advanced production line provided by Jin Zong has been installed and debugged and delivered. With flexible and efficient operation mechanism, the company implements 7S management system, guarantees the company's elegant and safe production environment, but also greatly improves work efficiency and production quality.

Through on-the-spot interaction and exchange, the professional application knowledge of the colleagues in the Department has been further improved, the detailed requirements of the users in actual use have been understood, and the understanding of both sides has been deepened with the users. It has played its due role in Jinzong's future use of large data and Internet of Things and other professional technology to further enhance the service quality and efficiency. Effect.

Thank you again for your strong support from our two customers. We will go to China together with users to create 2025.

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