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Jin Zong general manager takes the new staff to visit the customer cosmetic production workshop

Jin Zong general manager takes the new staff to visit the customer cosmetic production workshop


In the past 20 years, Jin Zong enterprise, with the professional R & D team and the scientific research institutions such as Guangdong University of Technology as technical support, is designed and produced in accordance with the ISO quality management system, with the perfect processing equipment and production technology team, and the professional engineering installation team to provide the users with high quality site engineering installation, and the efficient after-sale service. The service technology team provides users with fast and comprehensive after-sale protection, which is widely praised by users around the world.

This time, in order to make the employees of Zong Jin company better understand the product knowledge and feel the company's cultural concept, increase the understanding of the production process, Jin Zong machinery [General Manager - Zhong Mei Qiang] and Jin Zongxin staff together with the customer to the customer cosmetic production workshop for the examination, the new workers are very lucky to participate in the event, A lot of things have been learned from middle school.

As soon as we entered the factory, the first impression of the whole factory was that it was large, clean, bright, clean and modern. For an enterprise, innovation is the fundamental, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal. Secondly, the customer  workshop cosmetics equipment is the exclusive exclusive supply of Jin Zong machinery. Thank you very much for your strong support for Jin Zong machinery.

Of course, how does the makeup product come out? What mechanical equipment is produced? I believe that the vast majority of users do not know what skin care products they usually use are produced through a process. Let Xiaobian to give you a detailed explanation, the production of cosmetic products need vacuum emulsifier, liquid washing pot, reverse osmosis water treatment, conveyor, filling and other equipment. The emulsifier is suitable for the efficient production and manufacture of various kinds of cream products, and the mixing reaction tank (liquid washing pot) is mainly applied to the preparation of liquid detergent (such as detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.); water treatment technology is used to clean the water quality of natural water in the River, river, lake and reservoir, and can effectively reduce the organic pollutants and ammonia in the water body. Nitrogen and other pollution indexes have obvious effect on removing the black odor of water body, improving the eutrophication of water body, preventing algae bloom and so on. The conveyor is widely used in the assembly, packaging production line, food, medicine, beverage and other industries which need no pollution, and the filling and preparation are widely used in food, cosmetics and medicine , Filling products in various industries such as medicine, grease, daily chemical, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry. Advanced high precision and sharp equipment ensures high quality products.

Jin Zong enterprise specialized research and development, production and sales of emulsified machine equipment, cream production line, liquid washing production line, color makeup production line and other sets of equipment output as well as the project construction general contract business. Jin Zong enterprises welcome friends from home and abroad to visit and guide!

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