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Precautions and maintenance for rust removal and painting of enamel reaction kettle


Glass lined reactors are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It is a very popular equipment. Although the performance of glass-lined reactors is very good, there are still some glass-lined reactors in the process of using glass-lined reactors. The maintenance content of the reaction kettle in use needs to be paid attention to. The following will take you to understand the use and maintenance of the glass-lined reaction kettle.

Under the long-term influence of various external factors, there will inevitably be some losses, such as rust and surface wear. When these conditions occur in the reactor, repairs must be made in time, otherwise, it will only cause more serious losses. Faced with these situations, repair can be carried out by means of rust removal, painting, etc., to stop the damage in time and make it look brand new. However, in order to make the repair effect up to standard, the following matters should be paid more attention when removing rust and painting the enamel reaction kettle.

1. Sand blasting and rust removal should remove paint, grease, oxides, etc. On the surface of the enamel reactor, anti-corrosion and painting should be approved and recorded by the relevant personnel.

2. The primer should be fully stirred and mixed before painting, and the dust and moisture on the surface should be removed with cotton yarn or compressed air. The enamel reaction kettle that was derusted on the same day should be painted with a primer on the same day. Before the primer is dry, the primer should not be brushed twice, and the primer on the surface of the pipe should be uniform and without leakage.

3. Before sandblasting and rust removal, check whether the ovality, wall thickness and material of all equipment meet the material specifications, otherwise it should not be used.

4. The rust removal and painting work of the enamel reactor should be carried out according to the drawings and specifications.

Therefore, you must pay more attention when cleaning the spray-painted enamel reaction kettle. After repairing the damaged part of the kettle reactor, we suggest that you can do some protection and maintenance work, which can not only consolidate the repair effect of cleaning and spray-painting, but also reduce the reaction. The occurrence rate of failures in the kettle is improved, and its use effect is improved.

Maintenance of glass lined reactors

(1) During the operation and use of the glass lined reactor, it should be placed indoors. In addition, there should be good ventilation and heat dissipation to ensure its normal use and prevent some abnormal or malfunctioning problems.

(2) The reaction kettle is a positive and negative nut joint, only the positive and negative nuts can be rotated, and the sealing surface cannot perform relative movement. Additionally, if there are nut pellet connections in the installation, they should be lubricated with lubricating oil to ensure excellent connectivity.

(3) Generally speaking, the controller of the glass-lined reactor should be placed on the operating table, the operating environment temperature should be in the range of 10-40 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%. In addition, there are no conductors, dust or corrosive substances around to avoid damaging components.

(4) Before using the rotating body on the reaction kettle, it should be moved with the hand plate to check whether the operation is flexible. Regarding the controller, it is to check whether the ground is firm and safe. Additionally, all conductors on the glass lined reactors should be properly connected, including power wires, motor wires, and speed sensors.

The above is the maintenance knowledge that should be paid attention to when using the glass lined stainless steel reactor. We not only need to maintain and maintain it regularly when it is not working, but also pay attention to maintaining it during its operation, and choose the one that is suitable for its operation. conditions, so as to improve its work efficiency and maintain its normal operation.

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