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What is Pipeline Emulsifier?

What is Pipeline Emulsifier?


Equipment Introduction

Pipeline-type dispersion emulsifier, sanitary design, on-line CIP, parts surface for fine polishing. The working chamber is equipped with a set of rotor, the material from the axial input, after the stator and rotor of the high shear dispersion, emulsification, homogenization by the radial output. Applicable to medicine, cosmetics, food and other hygiene requirements of high production, in line with GMP norms.

Pipeline Emulsifier Application

1. This type of equipment is usually installed at the bottom of the reactor or on the pipeline. The material enters from the feed inlet. After high-speed shearing, it can be continuously operated from the discharge port or used in the cyclic reciprocating process. The pipe at the joint is preferably a metal bellows, which is flexible and easy to align.

2. The seat cushion is stable and fixed with anchor bolts. During the installation process, future operation and maintenance space should be considered.

3. For materials with poor fluidity, it is recommended to use a pump with matching flow rate at the feed inlet.

4. During the installation, the inlet and outlet of the equipment must be installed with valves of the same diameter as the inlet and outlet to control the material in and out of the metering and maintenance equipment when cutting materials.

5. Connect to the power supply according to the motor nameplate and have a good grounding device. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment before liquid flows into the body to avoid damage to the mechanical seal.

6. During the entire installation and construction process, foreign matter is strictly prohibited from entering the stator and rotor high shear area.

Equipment advantages

• Large capacity, suitable for continuous on-line production in industry

• Narrow particle size distribution and high uniformity

• Save time, energy and efficiency

• Low noise and smooth operation

• Eliminate quality differences between batch-to-batch productions

• No dead ends, 100% of the material is sheared by dispersion

• With short distance, low lift delivery function, can be recycled

• Simple operation and easy maintenance

• Automate control

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