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Features and advantages of cosmetic filling machine

Features and advantages of cosmetic filling machine


Our cosmetic filling machine is the perfect solution to fill cosmetic products into normal as well as challenging container shapes. The automatic cream filling machines we offer to fill cosmetic products are easy to clean, flexible, fast, and above all composed of materials suitable to process any kind of cosmetic product. From filling, capping, and labeling: our equipment continues to meet the ever-demanding cosmetic and personal care industry.

Jinzong has our own cosmetic cream production line, our cosmetic cream filling machine can be widely used in many cosmetic fields, such as cosmetic creams, thick paste filling machine, hair gel, filling machine for thick lotion, toothpastes, scrubs, liplicks, filling machine for body butter or body lotions; we offer solutions to store any kind of cosmetic product into any kind of container.

Description of cosmetic filling machine:

Automatic labelling machines for cosmetics

Suitable for the cosmetics sector and all container formats, our machines allow the application of one or more labels on the side, the top but also the bottom of your products. Highly accurate, our automatic labellers ensure a high production rate for your medium and large productions.

Automatic filling machines for cosmetics

By automating the packaging of your cosmetic production with a CDA automatic filling machine, you benefit from expert assistance in choosing the right machine for your products and from precision filling. Our small cosmetic cream filling machine can be equipped with different pumps and immersion nozzles to fill all kinds of liquids, even foamy ones.

Advantage of cosmetic cream filling machine:

By carefully choosing the right filling technology, your product will be processed as gently as possible, and any residual product at the end of the production process will be reduced. A wide range of different filling technologies are available with scalable filling modules that can be cleaned quickly and can even be explosion-protected if required. Our filling technologies enable you to reliably fill products with low viscosity like perfume to high viscosity products such as mascara. Different products demand different hygiene standards. These range from manual cleaning and trolley solutions to CIP/SIP/COP systems that meet the highest pharmaceutical standards for cleaning and sterilizing your plant.

Higher Production Speeds

First and foremost, automatic filling machines allow cream filling machine manufacturers to produce more than could be produced by manual cosmetic cream filling machine products. From thin free-flowing products to high viscosity items such as jelly or paste, automatic bottle fillers allow multiple containers to be filled with each cycle. 


Automatic filling machines are not always built for one single container or even for one single product. Automatic bottle fillers can be set up to handle a range of container shapes and sizes. In addition, many cosmetic manufacturing equipment can handle multiple products, with some able to fill both thin and thick liquids. For companies that package multiple products in multiple containers, the versatility of the packaging equipment may be the biggest benefit of all.

Reliability & Consistency

Hand filling containers can lead to variances in the amount of product in each bottle. While certain measuring devices may help to lower such variances, using such devices will also add time to the process. In addition to speed, automatic filling machines will allow for a repeatable, reliable and consistent fill with each cycle, whether that fill is based on a level, volume, weight or other measurement.

Simple Controls

Once in operation, filling machines will require simple hand adjustments to change from one bottle to another. But crucial settings such as fill times, indexing times, pump speeds and more will be set on a centrally located, touchscreen interface. And once settings are entered for a bottle and product combination operators need only recall a "recipe" from the PLC and all times will be recalled!

Upgradeable Machinery

Finally, filling machines can grow with a packager's company. An automatic machine may start with four, six or eight fill heads. As production and demand increase, more fill heads can be added to the machine. Different machines may have different limits and top speed will depend on factors such as bottle size and shape and the actual product being filled.

Jinzong Machinery was established in 1990s, as one of the most professional cream filling machine manufacturers, it specializes in manufacturing of reactors, vacuum mixers, vacuum homogenizer mixers, disperser, mills, tanks and vessels, cosmetic machinery and resin plant etc. and the production system lines as well as undertaking the project construction EPC General Contractor for related industries. Our products and service are well received by more than 6,000 customers from over 80 countries around all over the world.

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