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Advantage and Disadvantage of Multi-function Labeling Machine

Advantage and Disadvantage of Multi-function Labeling Machine


A multi-function china automatic labeling machine is a machine that can apply labels on different surface areas of containers.Labeling machine including lotion labeling machine, cream labeling machine, paint labeling machine.

For example, it can place labels on the sides, corners, bottom, and top part of a container.

Benefits of multi-function automatic labeling machine:

Increase Your Production

Since the multi-function automatic labeling machine can place labels on various parts of containers, you will increase your production.This will translate to increase sales and profit margins.

In addition, they operate at high speeds and are durable yet easy to operate.

Handle Different Containers

A multi-function automatic labeling machine allows you to place different kinds of labels on different containers.

This means you can place labels on different container configurations as per the customer’s requirements.For instance, they can handle round, oval and square containers.

Place Different Labels

This machine can allow you to place different types of labels on the different parts of the containers.

Minimal Changeover

The machine can handle the label placement procedure without needing tool changeover.This feature makes the machine save time during the production process.

Are There Limitations Of Using Automatic Labeling Machine?

Automatic labeling machines are advantageous in several areas, but they also have limitations.

Some of these include:

High Initial Setup Cost

Using wholesale automatic labeling machine in your production line will cost you more than using manual versions.

This means you will spend a lot of money purchasing and installing the machine making it ready for production.

Power Consumption

Since automatic labeling machines are large, they need a lot of power for them to function efficiently.


Automatic labeling machines are easy to use but you need to train your staff beforehand.

This is to ensure they understand how to troubleshoot and operate the machine effectively.

Type Of Containers

If you are using standard automatic labeling machines, it means they can apply labels on certain types of containers.For instance, they may be suitable for placing labels on round bottles only.

Furthermore, others may require you to conduct changeovers to accommodate for other kinds of containers, which is time-consuming.

However, a multi-function wholesale automated labeling machines can help you combat this issue.

Work Area

These machines require a lot of space for installation and function.

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