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Water Treatment Activated Carbon Powder Dosing System: Principle, Function and Advantages


With the increasing prominence of environmental pollution,the importance of water purification technology is self-evident.Among many water treatment processes,activated carbon powder dosing system has become an important tool yo improve water quality and ensure drinking water safety due to its unique adsorption properties and efficient purification effect.Jinzong Enterprise,which has more than 20 years of experience in the production design and manufacture of water treatment equipment,will analyze the principle,function and significant advantages of the water treatment activated carbon powder dosing system in detail.


一、Principle of Working

The activated carbon powder feeding system is a treatment equipment that utilizes the strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon powder to remove pollutants from water. Its working principle is mainly based on the physical and chemical adsorption characteristics of activated carbon:

Physical Adsorption: Activated carbon has a highly developed pore structure, including micropores, mesopores, and macropores, which provide it with a huge specific surface area (usually up to hundreds to thousands of square meters per gram). When water flows through activated carbon powder, pollutants such as organic matter, colloids, suspended solids, and heavy metal ions in the water are adsorbed into the pores of activated carbon due to intermolecular attraction.

Chemical Adsorption: The surface of activated carbon is rich in functional groups (such as carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, quinone, etc.), which can react with certain pollutants in water to form stable chemical bonds and achieve solid adsorption of pollutants. This chemical adsorption is particularly effective for removing specific harmful substances, such as chlorinated organic compounds, ammonia nitrogen, and some heavy metals.

The water treatment activated carbon powder feeding system mainly includes processes such as powder activated carbon storage, quantitative feeding, mixing and stirring, and selection of feeding points. By precisely controlling the dosage and acceleration of activated carbon powder, as well as the mixing efficiency with the treated water, it is ensured that the activated carbon powder fully contacts with water and maximizes its adsorption and purification efficiency.

二、 System Functions:

Removal of Organic Matter: Activated carbon powder has extremely high adsorption capacity for various organic pollutants in water, which can effectively remove pesticide residues, organic solvents in industrial wastewater, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in domestic wastewater, and significantly improve water quality.

Deodorization and Decolorization: Activated carbon has excellent adsorption performance for odorous and colored substances in water, which can eliminate the odor of water, restore clarity and transparency, and improve sensory quality.

Removing Heavy Metal Ions: The functional groups on the surface of activated carbon can form stable complexes with heavy metal ions, effectively reducing the content of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium in water, ensuring drinking water safety.

Removing Microorganisms and Algae: Activated carbon powder can adsorb bacteria, viruses, and algae in water, playing a certain role in sterilization and algae killing, helping to prevent water quality deterioration and biological pollution.

Emergency Response: In the event of sudden water source pollution, the activated carbon powder dosing system can be quickly activated, significantly reducing the concentration of pollutants in a short period of time and ensuring water supply safety.

三、 System Advantages

Efficient Purification: Activated carbon powder has a very high specific surface area and rich pore structure, and has strong adsorption capacity for various pollutants, which can quickly and efficiently improve water quality.

Strong Adaptability: The activated carbon powder dosing system is suitable for various types of water bodies, including drinking water, industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, lake water bodies, etc., and can flexibly adjust the dosing plan according to different water quality characteristics.

Easy to Operate: The system adopts automatic control and can automatically adjust the dosage of activated carbon powder based on water quality monitoring data. The operation is simple and stable.

Economic and Environmental Protection: Compared with other deep treatment technologies, the investment cost of the activated carbon powder feeding system is low, the operating energy consumption is low, and the activated carbon can be reused after regeneration treatment, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Quick Emergency Response: In response to sudden water pollution incidents, the activated carbon powder dosing system can be quickly activated, significantly improving water treatment capacity in a short period of time and effectively ensuring water supply safety.

In summary, the water treatment activated carbon powder dosing system has become an indispensable part of modern water treatment processes due to its scientific working principle, diversified functions, and significant advantages. It has made significant contributions to improving water quality, ensuring drinking water safety, and protecting environmental health.

The new dry dosing system of activated carbon developed by Jinzong Enterprise has the characteristics of small footprint, low equipment investment, low cost, quick effect, high degree of automatic dosing, fully closed environmental protection and pollution-free, safe and reliable, stable operation, etc. It can play a major role in the emergency treatment of source water pollution, and can also improve water quality in daily production and application. Make an important contribution. It is not only suitable for the potential renovation of old water plants, but also suitable for the cost reduction and efficiency increase of new water plants, comprehensively enabling the activation of new quality productivity of water plants and promoting high-quality development. 

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