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Automatic oil filling machine

1.It adopts the automatic control technology of PLC and transducer with a high degree of automation in its main frame machine.

2.A transmission shaft with stable performance connects the dynamical system of oil making machine.

3.The filling principle of micro negative gravity increases precision.

4.On oil making machines, the advanced automatic lubricating system requires no manual effort and increases their life span.

5.Oil making machines are quiet and easy to maintain.

A high-speed bottling system such as an automatic coconut oil filling machine line is engineered to efficiently and accurately fill containers with this type of oil. Featuring several components, like an unscrambler, bottle washing machine, filler, capper, labeling equipment, and packaging device, this production line works harmoniously to guarantee a high rate of output with the accuracy and quality of the filling maintained.

Depending on the manufacturer and the intended application, oil filling machine specifications may differ, but some common features include:

Production at high speeds: This type of machine can fill up to 8000 bottles per hour, with a capacity of filling containers at high speeds.

Adaptability: Many coconut oil filling machines can be adapted to different bottle sizes and shapes, allowing for easy changeover and minimal downtime.

The filling and capping processes are monitored by a variety of sensors and inspection systems integrated into the production line.

With a sophisticated control system and precise filling nozzle, each bottle is filled to the exact volume specified, resulting in minimal waste.

In a coconut oil filling machine line, machines are typically designed with user-friendly controls and intuitive operation, making them simple to use.

An automatic coconut oil filling machine line achieves high production rates while maintaining a high level of quality control and accuracy, making it a highly reliable and efficient solution for bottling coconut oil.

Jinzong Machinery: Your Filling Machine Manufacturer

Those are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your filling machine manufacturer if you work in the packaging industry.

Many different industries need filling machines for their manufacturing processes, and here at our company we specialize in them. Our machines can efficiently fill various vessels, from pouches to bottles, with liquids, powders, granules or pastes with a great degree of accuracy. Such equipment can significantly raise productivity and reduce labor costs for many operations.

Filling Machine Design Considerations

Designed with your production needs in mind, our filling machines provide you with the optimal filling experience.

Accuracy of filling

In some cases, having a precise filling is unimportant, while in others it may be crucial. Businesses that produce medications, where dosages are critical, or those that sell high-value products like cosmetics, where overfilling packaging affects income, require an exceptionally accurate filling process. Consequently, a machine with well-defined variances and well-within the permitted range for a product is essential.

Viscosity of the product

It is important to take into account the viscosity of the liquid when selecting a filling machine. Sticky or viscous substances may clog filling heads and alter the final product's characteristics

Size of the package

A filling machine designed for filling a massive industrial tank will be very different from one designed for filling tiny vials used to store cosmetics and medicines based on the size of the container.

Material for packaging

A thin plastic container may be more challenging to handle because of deformation, while a glass bottle may move seamlessly under the filling head on a slatted conveyor system.

The equipment is compatible with other equipment

While handling potentially dangerous materials, the machinery must adhere to the user's strict safety standards in order to move items forward in the manufacturing process.

How to Choose the Right Filling Machine Manufacturer

Your filling machine will provide a host of benefits to your business, such as faster speeds, more uniform fills, less waste, and more saved man-hours if you choose a reliable manufacturer, like Jinzong Machinery.

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