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The development trend of automatic filling machines

The development trend of automatic filling machines


The emergence of automatic filling machines has promoted the rapid progress of more and more filling machine manufacturing companies, and is currently used in more and more industries, which shows that the progress of automatic filling machines is very rapid. At present, automatic filling machines are widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, and daily chemical industry. With the emergence of processed aquatic products, new requirements have been established for packaging technology and equipment. Next, a brief analysis of the development trend of automatic filling machines in various fields:

Food industry: At present, the competition in the food machinery and equipment market is very fierce. In the future, food filling machinery will be matched with the industrial automation of the industrial chain to promote the overall level of packaging machinery and equipment, and continuously develop food packaging with multiple functions, higher efficiency, and reduced consumption. equipment. There are more and more filling machine manufacturers whose gross output value is in the tens of millions and less than a few million. This phenomenon shows that China's packaging industry has taken the lead in the industry market. However, due to the rapid progress, some manufacturing companies will face bankruptcy or change jobs, and some will enter this industry, which is very unstable and seriously hinders the reliability of the industry's progress. Therefore, we should consider it from the perspective of industry market changes and ensure progress while maintaining stability.

Chemical industry: Chemical liquids are usually mildly corrosive and highly corrosive, so the raw materials make the automatic filling machine have the performance of corrosion resistance and pH. The more common automatic filling machines in the industry market are usually for food and Commonly used automatic filling machines for daily chemicals and corrosive automatic filling machines require manufacturing companies to have higher standards in terms of material selection, industrial automation, and equipment reliability. In the past few years, the corrosive liquid filling machine has been slowly improving, and its performance and controllability have also reached the global level. In the next few years, China's chemical liquid filling machine opportunities will gradually go abroad and go to the world. 

In the daily chemical industry, automatic filling machines are the fastest in this industry. Cosmetics, some toothpaste, shoe polish and other daily chemical products are inseparable from the filling of automatic filling machines. More and more manufacturing companies are also accelerating their production The production thus uses new filling machines for cosmetic creams & lotions to replace the traditional filling equipment, which speeds up the production efficiency of manufacturing enterprises. Because of the rapid consumption of the daily chemical industry market, the rapid progress of automatic filling machines in the daily chemical industry has been promoted.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the filling of certain liquid medicines or the filling of viscous liquids all start with automatic filling machines. For example: puree, oil, loquat extract, and various pesticides and insecticides can be filled with a liquid filling machine or a paste filling machine.

In other industries, the automatic filling machine also plays an important role. As far as the packaging of the spicy hot pot base is concerned, the clumsy manual packaging method was used before, which not only has low work efficiency, but also occupies too many human resources, resulting in The production cost of manufacturing enterprises is relatively high, and the appearance of automatic filling machine for spicy hot pot bottom material has greatly solved this problem.

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