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Benefits of Glass Lined Reactors

Benefits of Glass Lined Reactors


Glass lined reactors are used worldwide, in very severe environments in chemical industries as well as for the glass layer sanitary properties in pharmaceutical industries.

The requirements for glass-lined reactors are reliability, safety, flexibility, efficiency, cost effective operation and availability for industrial processes.

In order to meet these requirements, especially regarding availability, chemical and pharmaceutical industries defined and standardized, along with glass-lined chemical equipment manufacturers, a range of glass-lined reactors called “DIN reactors”.

Of course, for specific productions or applications, a standard DIN reactor may not be suitable, so Jinzong Machinery manufactures and also customizes reactors according to the client’s specifications.

A glass-lined inner vessel: starting from 4 litres, up to 80,000 litres, in which the reactive media is loaded and processed

An external heating cooling system, in most cases, a jacket with agitating nozzles or, for specific conditions, half pipe circuits

An agitator, single or multi-stage 

Internals, such as removable baffles, dip pipes, instrument carriers (temperature, pH, corrosion monitoring, sampling systems, cleaning lances, etc.)

An agitator drive with motor, gear box, coupling, mechanical shaft sealing units and now the modern technology for shaft sealing

A bottom outlet valve

Various support structures and heat insulation systems

Advantages of Glass Lined Reactors

Reactors are a critical and very important element in production lines in modern process plants and are widely used in the fields of petrochemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, food, dyes and scientific research.

A Reactor is essentially an industrial "pressure cooker", where the contents (such as pharmaceutical powders and API's) are sealed and transformed, under pressure and/or temperature, to a new desired substance.

Glass lined Reactors (GLR's) have a glass (enamel) coating on the product wetted surfaces to provide high levels of chemical resistance to said surfaces. The glass coating is sprayed then fused onto the surface of sub-straight material at high temperature, in a repetitive process until the desired glass lined reactor glass thickness is achieved.

The glass lined surfaces of the GLR's are hard wearing and polished during the manufacturing process, making them easily cleanable. This, in turn, makes the surfaces inherently beneficial at avoiding cross contamination in batch processing applications. In addition, the glass finish does not affect the flavour, colour or purity of contents. GLR's have thus won favour with many plant managers has the vessels are robust, durable, hard wearing and physically strong, capable of handling a wide range of high pressures and temperatures.

Types of glass lined reactor have a very high corrosion resistance against inorganic acid, organic acid and organic solvents with different concentrations. Typically, they are less applicable for use in alkali, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride-bearing medium and phosphoric acid applications with concentrations above 30% and at temperatures over 100 degrees.

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