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Wht is Small Candy Making Machine?


The best material for small-scale candy making equipment is stainless steel.

Because of the properties of stainless steel that makes it the perfect material for making small scale candy making equipment.

High tensile strength thus giving the machine the robust and stable nature.

Corrosion resistance thus making it impossible to rust

Ease of cleaning and sterilizing thus reducing the chances of contamination.

Apart from stainless steel, you can use aluminum alloy which exhibit more or less the same properties.Other parts will have materials such as rubber which is very essential for insulation properties.

What is the Maximum Production Capacity for Small Scale Candy Production Line?

The small-scale production line varies in terms of how much a machine can produce.

Automatic small-scale candy making equipment have a larger capacity than the semi-automatic or manual candy making machines.

Most automatic small-scale candy making machines have a maximum capacity ranging between 30 to 100 kg per hour.

Hard Candy Making Machine vs Softy Candy Making Equipment

Obviously, the major difference between the hard and soft small-scale candy production line is the final product.

Small-scale hard candy production line produces hard candy such as lollipops.

On the other hand, small-scale soft candy making equipment produce soft candy such as marshmallows and cotton candy.

Apart from that, you will also note that the ingredients for both machines and working parameters differ.

For instance, small-scale hard candy production equipment has candy production including heating to high temperatures.

You will not need to heat your soft candy making ingredients to high temperatures as that of making hard candy.

The process of making hard candy also involves a lot of procedures in comparison to that of making soft candy.

Candy making machine specification

· Dimensions of the Machine

Candy manufacturing equipment are smaller in size with miniature parts and weigh less.

You will specify the size of the machine that you need in terms of weight, length, width and height of the machine.

· Production Capacity of the Machine

In this case, you need to work within the small-scale production capacity range.

Since the machines produce candy at different capacities, you need to specify the production range you can handle comfortably.

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