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What kind of cosmetic production equipment do you need?

What kind of cosmetic production equipment do you need?


The global cosmetics retail market has been growing steadily in recent years as consumers around the world have increased their disposable income and awareness of skincare. In particular, the volume of cosmetics retail transactions in China has reached 423 billion yuan by 2019, and the annual growth rate will stabilize at about 8%. The growth of the industry will continue, and many famous brands are rising, so there is still room for steady growth in market size. The market share of cosmetics, baby products, men's care and other subcategories will increase in the next five years. 

Which case do you belong to? 
Many producers have seen the opportunities in the global cosmetics market, and want to sit on this trip to express train. Jinzong also often encounters such customers, some customer didn't have any experience in cosmetics production before, even doesn't have thier production lines. Some originally have engaged in the pharmaceutical production and want to do transformation to invest in cosmetics production, owning experience slightly. Once we met a customer who has been doing as a facial mask agent, when seeing the rich profits, they decided to invest in the production with any hesitation. Actually, we have met all kinds of customers and they would come to consult professional cosmetics equipment manufacturers, the production of a certain kind of cosmetics need what machine equipment?  

Cosmetic engineering customization 
What kind of machinery is needed to make cosmetics? 
Different cosmetics production, due to different materials and the design of equipment, will be different, but this can communicate with the manufacturer to customize the production. Generally speaking, a cosmetics production line often needs water treatment, homogenizing mixer, emulsifier, storage tank, filling machine, inkjet printer and other equipment. 
No matter what kind of situation you meet, you can find Jinzong, a more than 20 years of cosmetics equipment manufacturers, owns advanced technical team and many years of rich experience in design and production, Jinzong professionals can provide professional answers for you in all kinds of questions. 

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