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Detailed explanation of operation, maintenance, and common trouble shooting of reaction vessel



A reactor is an important equipment widely used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food for physical or chemical reactions. Jinzong Enterprise, with over 20 years of experience in reactor production and research and development, will provide a detailed introduction to the operation, maintenance, and common troubleshooting of reactors.


1、 Operation steps of reactor

Preparation before starting up: First, confirm that there is no looseness or leakage in the connection parts of the reactor, the power circuit is normal, and auxiliary equipment such as the cooling system and stirring device are running normally. Then, according to the reaction requirements, perform appropriate cleaning and disinfection inside the kettle, and ensure that there are no impurities inside the kettle.

Material addition: According to the requirements of the reaction process, first evenly add solid materials into the reactor through the feeding port, then slowly inject liquid materials, and at the same time, turn on the stirring device to ensure uniform mixing of materials.

Temperature and pressure control: Start the heating or cooling system to precisely control the temperature and pressure inside the reactor. During the reaction process, relevant data should be regularly checked and recorded to ensure that the reaction is carried out within the set safety parameter range.

End of reaction and discharge: After the reaction is completed, turn off the heating, cooling system, and stirring device. Wait until the temperature inside the reactor drops to a safe range before opening the discharge port for unloading.

2、 Maintenance of reacor

Daily cleaning: After each use, the inside of the reactor should be cleaned in a timely manner to avoid residues affecting the next reaction effect or corroding the reactor body.

Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the functions of various equipment in the reactor, such as agitators, temperature sensors, pressure gauges, etc. If any abnormalities are found, repair or replace them in a timely manner.

Anti corrosion and rust prevention: For reaction vessels made of metal materials, regular application of anti-corrosion paint or other anti-corrosion measures should be taken to prevent rusting of the vessel body.

Seal replacement: Seals are crucial components to ensure the sealing performance of the reactor, and should be regularly inspected and replaced as needed to prevent leakage.

3、 Common troubleshooting of reactor

Temperature out of control: If the temperature cannot be accurately controlled, first check whether the temperature control system and thermocouple are normal. If there is any damage, repair or replace it immediately; Secondly, confirm whether the amount of material in the kettle and the heat transfer medium are suitable, and adjust them if necessary.

Abnormal pressure: Excessive or insufficient pressure may be caused by a malfunction of the pressure relief valve or blockage of the intake/exhaust system, which requires prompt investigation and resolution.

Stirring failure: If the mixing device is not working or unstable, the motor, reducer, and mixing shaft should be inspected to eliminate mechanical faults. If necessary, damaged parts should be replaced.

Leakage problem: Once a leakage is found in the kettle or pipeline, the reaction should be stopped immediately, and the leaking area should be repaired or the sealing ring replaced to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

In summary, proper and standardized operation of the reactor, regular maintenance, and quick and effective handling of various faults can not only ensure the safety and efficiency of the production process, but also extend the service life of the reactor, bringing better economic benefits to the enterprise.


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