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Detailed explanation of the types and selection strategies of stirring paddles for reaction vessels


In the field of chemical reaction engineering, the stirring device inside the reactor is a key component for achieving uniform mixing of materials, enhancing mass and heat transfer processes, and promoting chemical reactions.The design and selection of stirring blade directly affect important indicators such as reaction efficiency, product quality, and equipment energy consumption.Jinzong Enterprise, with over 20 years of experience in reactor production and research and development, We will provide a detailed explanation of several common types and characteristics of stirring blades in reaction vessels, and guide how to choose the most suitable stirring blades according to actual process conditions.


The main types and characteristics of stirring blades

Anchor type is named after its shape similar to ship anchors. It is usually made of stainless steel material wrapped with polytetrafluoroethylene and is suitable for mixing medium to low viscosity liquids. Its characteristic is that the bottom contact area is large, which can effectively scrape off the bottom material of the reactor, prevent material deposition, and is especially suitable for large or high aspect ratio reactors, as well as situations where the bottom material needs to be fully mixed.

Frame type is composed of a series of parallel arranged fan blades, which are also suitable for mixing high viscosity liquids. Its working principle is to promote and shear the flow of materials, especially suitable for handling materials with high viscosity or precipitation tendency, because it can effectively push the materials near the bottom and wall of the pot towards the center area of the liquid flow.

Flat Turbine Impeller/Rushton Turbine is known for its efficient circulation ability, with flat blades designed perpendicular to the mixing shaft. This type of stirring blade, when equipped with a baffle, can generate strong up and down circulation flow in the vessel, resulting in high shear force and mixing efficiency. It is commonly used in gas dispersion, mixing of suspended particles, and dissolution reactions.

The characteristic of a Screwpitch Impeller is that its blades are curved, which can increase the lifting and circulation effects of materials. It has a wide range of adaptability, especially under medium to high viscosity conditions, and can still maintain good mixing performance.

Triple/quadruple impeller stirring blades are two types of spiral agitators mainly used for small to medium capacity reactors, with three blade agitators being more suitable for liquids with low to medium viscosity; The four blade agitator blade is a propulsion design that provides stable axial flow, suitable for various viscosity ranges, and has been applied in reactors of different capacities.

How to choose a mixing blade based on actual situations?

When selecting stirring blade, the following factors need to be considered:

Material characteristics: including the physical state (solid, liquid, gas-liquid mixture), viscosity, density, solid particle content, etc. of the material;

The size and geometric characteristics of the reaction vessel, such as volume size, vessel shape, and the ratio of height to diameter (height to diameter ratio);

Operating conditions: stirring speed, temperature, pressure, and whether special operations such as vacuum or high-pressure operations are required;

Reaction kinetics: The requirements of reaction rate and mechanism on the degree of mixing, such as certain reaction rates being limited by the material transfer process, in which case an agitator blade that enhances mass transfer should be selected;

Energy consumption and economic benefits: Consider mixing power requirements, energy-saving requirements, and maintenance costs.

In short, selecting and designing the stirring blades of the reaction vessel reasonably can not only optimize the reaction process, ensure product quality, but also minimize operating costs and equipment losses, which is of great significance for the stability and economy of chemical production processes. Therefore, in practical applications, specific operating conditions and experimental data should be combined to comprehensively evaluate the performance advantages of various agitators, in order to achieve the best mixing and reaction effect.


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