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The working principle and structural composition of a homogeneous emulsifier


Homogenizing emulsifier is an efficient mixing equipment widely used in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, used to achieve material homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, and refinement processes. Its design is clever and technologically advanced, capable of transforming solid, liquid, and gaseous components that were originally insoluble or difficult to mix into uniform and delicate emulsions or suspensions. Jinzong Enterprise, with over 20 years of experience in the production, design, and development of emulsifying machines, will provide a detailed explanation of the working principle and structural composition of homogeneous emulsifying machines.


Working principle of homogenizing emulsifier

The core working principle of a homogeneous emulsifier is based on strong shear, impact, centrifugal compression, and liquid layer friction effects. The specific process is as follows:

Pre treatment stage: The materials are first heated and preliminarily stirred in separate water and oil pots for dissolution, mixing, or chemical reaction. Then, under vacuum conditions, the material is sucked into the emulsifying pot.

Homogeneous stirring stage: Inside the emulsification pot, a central stirring device and a scraping device are usually installed. The central mixing paddle is responsible for comprehensive mixing of materials and ensuring that there is no residue on the inner wall of the container. Scrapers made of polytetrafluoroethylene or other wear-resistant materials are tightly attached to the pot wall, effectively scraping off the attached materials to participate in mixing.

High shear homogenization stage: The key component of the homogenization emulsifier is the high-speed rotating homogenization head (including the rotor and stator). The rotor rotates steadily inside the stator at a linear speed of up to 15 to 40 meters per second, forming a precision fit narrow gap between the two. When the material passes through this gap, it will experience high-strength shear force, centrifugal force, and severe collision and friction, resulting in the effective refinement and dispersion of material particles, and the size can be reduced to micrometers or even nanometers.

Vacuum system: The equipment is equipped with a vacuum system, which extracts air from the material during the emulsification process, helping to eliminate bubbles and prevent oxidation, while promoting rapid and uniform mixing of materials and improving product quality.

Structural composition of homogeneous emulsifier

A typical vacuum homogenizing emulsifier generally consists of the following main parts:

Emulsification pot (Main pot): With a adjustable lid and a flipping pot body design, it is easy to clean, discharge, and maintain. The inner wall of the pot is smooth and easy to clean, and a jacket structure is often used to accommodate heating or cooling media.

Stirring system: includes a central mixer and a scraping device to ensure comprehensive mixing of materials and reduce the accumulation of materials on the pot wall.

Homogenization mechanism: also known as homogenization head or high shear emulsification head, located inside the emulsification pot, usually containing one or more sets of fixed rotor assemblies, driven by high-speed motors.

Vacuum system: used to extract the gas generated during the emulsification process, maintain the vacuum environment inside the pot, promote emulsification effect and degassing.

Temperature control system: Material temperature can be controlled through methods such as electric heating and steam heating to ensure process conditions.

Electrical control system: including functions such as start, stop, speed regulation, display of working parameters, etc., to achieve equipment operation automation and precise control.

Auxiliary devices:such as feed inlet, discharge valve, safety protection device, etc., ensure the safe and efficient operation of the entire emulsification process.

Through the effective cooperation of the above principles and mechanisms, the homogenizing emulsification machine can complete the high homogenization and emulsification of materials in a relatively short time, and then produce high-quality products, such as cream, ointment,emulsion, salve, etc.

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