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Accompany the Prime minister Li, Jin zong communicate with European enterprises in Belgium

Accompany the Prime minister Li, Jin zong communicate with European enterprises in Belgium


Warm congratulations on the 19th meeting of China and Europe leaders, the 12th China –EU Business Summit, the first matchmaking symposium of small and medium-sized enterprises cooperation between China and the European Union achieve a great success.

On June 2, Premier li Keqiang attend the 19th meeting of China and Europe leaders in the Belgian ,capital Brussels, and  interaction tonight with the representatives of matchmaking symposium of small and medium-sized enterprises cooperation between China and the European Union at the same time ,the European commission's President, Jean-Claude Juncker, participate in the activity together.

Jinzong is invited to participate in this symposium held by the bank of China and the European Chamber of Commerce, EU small and medium-sized enterprise service center. The 145 enterprises from the European Union and the 78 entrepreneurs from Chinese provinces get together to discuss cooperation, focusing on the Internet, "Made with Wisdom", new energy, etc, such as the wisdom of "set" industry. Premier li asks the entrepreneurship, cooperation intention etc issues,, he affirms that small and medium-sized enterprises not only are the important basis of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, but are the main channel to create jobs, praises their innovation and dedication spirit ,especially the growth enterprises,  support the financial institutions in helping small and medium-sized enterprises to open up more innovative development .in the future, to realize the development of cooperation between big and medium-sized enterprises in China and Europe.

At the meeting in Belgium, the chairman of Jinzong-- Zhong Riqiang  further discussion at the application of smart sensors with the director from German Innovation Lab GmbH, he said that more than 100 professional engineers can provide strong technical support for jinzong machinery to provide intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, Mr. Zhong comprehensive discussion with Luxembourg Eurasia schengen group at the import and export trade, culture and education industry, tourism, real estate and so on, and signed a cooperation intention agreement. Mr Zhong said Luxembourg Eurasia schengen group's main business is highly consistent with parts of Jinzong's industrial layout and will cooperate closely. He also made serious exchanges with government agencies from Denmark and two other companies from Netherlands and Germany.

As a growth enterprise, jinzong is grateful for the long-term support of the bank of China and invited us to this meeting, it will help us to make breakthroughs in introducing advanced technologies and cooperation in Europe, share "One Belt And One Road" results.

JINZONG GROUP founded in 1990’s, now it has four wholly-owned subsidiary, which cover of research and development of industrial equipment and control system, industrial engineering design and installation, export trade, etc. The chemical machinery division was set up in Zhaoqing high-tech zone covers an area of 17000 square meters, working with the German company POF to develop all kinds of new smart chemical production line, with dozens of patented technologies, the number of patents filed has increased by double digits year by year. The factory has passed the iso9001-2008 international quality system certification, the product through the European Union CE certification, its users are in the global dozens of countries and regions.


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