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Industrial Mixing for Cosmetic Creams & Syrup Prep

Industrial Mixing for Cosmetic Creams & Syrup Prep


It is important to analyze the importance of mixing for the given processes. There are variety of industries where mixing/agitation is required, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp, waste water treatment, food, mineral ore extraction, etc. This particle will focus more on cosmetic mixer

Mixing is a process that involves intermingling products of different chemistries to obtain a definite material. It is the most important operation in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, etc. Mixing is required for blending, solid-suspension, slurries, heattransfer, dissolving, gas dispersion, emulsification, flocculation, leaching, saponification, fermentation, etc. But the key area of our interest is emulsification, blending and slurry mixing.

Emulsification is a process in which a colloidal dispersion of two or more liquids/solids takes place.Blending is a process in which mixing of one or more liquids and or solid are done to form a uniform mass.

Agitator is of various types like Top entry, side entry, bottom entry and potable type. The agitator consists of individual parts/machines like motor, gears, couplings, seal, shaft and set of impellers.

Cosmetic creams and other similar products are used for various purposes like moisturizing, cleaning and beautification of body. The raw materials include acids, alkalis, antioxidants, emollients, sunscreen, vitamins, colors, wax, butter, clay, etc. These are mixed uniformly by the process of emulsification. Since the materials used are immiscible it is necessary to keep this material in constant motion. 

2. Syrup preparation

The term syrup mixing machine refers to a thick, viscous liquid containing almost 85% of sugar and 15% of water or other liquids. Stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical industry and food industry. The viscosity of the syrup depends on the content of sugar. The more the sugar the more viscous it will be. It is important to know the preparation of syrups for various uses, it depends on physical and chemical characteristics of the materials used. Various methods for the preparations include the following:

Agitation without heat: In such type, the materials used are volatile and is restricted with seals to avoid it from contaminants. Cough syrups are the most commonly prepared product for this type. (Eg. Codeine syrup, ephedrine sulphate syrup, etc.)

Agitation with heat: This is the most widely used method in industry as it is less time consuming, because the heat allows the materials to be less viscous and thus by allowing quick agitation.

The additional methods involve percolation, addition of medicated liquid used in pharmaceutical industries, preservatives, etc. The mixing of sugar particles is of prime importance depending on its end usage, thus agitation is the only way through which this goal can be achieved. The impellers used for this processes are axial flow turbine & hydrofoil.

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