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Benefits and Applications of Safe Stainless Steel Air Mixers

Benefits and Applications of Safe Stainless Steel Air Mixers


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You can get standard designs, or customize your air operated mixer as a bottom entry mag drive mixer or top entry pneumatic agitator with sanitary stainless steel motor. These mixers are very common for pharmaceutical mixing equipment which are used on poly blending tanks or stainless steel process vessels.

Benefits of these stainless steel pneumatic mixer motors:

All stainless steel, sanitary, no painted surfaces or coatings

Intrinsically safe

Ultra lightweight and ergonomic, great for compact mixing vessels

Sleek look to the motors, along with our classic sanitary mixer appearance these mixers are right at home in biopharma suites

No overheating

Variable speed by simple adjustment of air flow going into motor

Great torque ability with these gear drive air motor designs

Air operated mixers have a lot of features and benefits to users depending on the mixing application. 

Sanitary Mixers, Biopharmaceutical Use, Industrial Use, Pharmaceutical Use, Single Use Mixing Options

The most extensive offering of mixers and agitators for the sanitary and biopharma markets. Catering to biotech, pharmaceutical, and sanitary manufacturers these mixers are available for mixing applications like buffer prep, media prep, diagnostics, and dissolving powders into liquids.

Available in:

Mag drive carboy stirrer

Single use carboy blending system

Open top carboy agitator

The Versatility of Bottom Entry Mixers

Bottom Entry Mixers, Biopharmaceutical Use, Bioreactors, Industrial Use, Pharmaceutical Use, Plastic Agitator and Tank Options, Sanitary Mixers, Single Use Mixing Options, Stainless Steal Agitator and Tank Options

Bottom entry mixers provide manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food processing industries with viable alternatives to top entry solutions. These mixer tank provide efficient mixing and blending of products, and can be custom designed to suit the specific speed, shear and agitation requirements for various applications.

The Benefits of Bottom Entry Over a Top Entry Mixer

Bottom entry mixers are ideally suited to mixing and blending applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Although generally more expensive, they offer significant benefits over a top entry mixer:

Low level mixing. The ability to mix to very low levels, and blend during drawdown makes bottom entry agitators perfect choice for high value product mixtures.

Improved process purity. These mixers do not have to contend with the possibility of contamination from particulate matter falling into the tank from overhead bearings and seals used in top entry mixers, although top entry mixers can be outfitted with a debris well to prevent this.

Easy installation. Very easy to install, and simple to maintain the mixer drive/gearbox since its at the bottom of the tank. Top entry mixers with long shafts need special rigging often times to install. The bottom entry mixer is easier to install than its top entry counterpart. The top entry mixer requires sturdy infrastructure to support its heavy overhead motor.

More efficient mixing. The design of a bottom entry mixer promotes the formation of a vortex which ensures more efficient and effective blending. It also provides uniform mixing of the batch that continues until the vessel is almost completely drained.

More available headroom. Top entry mixers can take up valuable room on the tank top, bottom mount mixing design eliminates that issue.

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