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What is a vacuum mixer homogenizer?

What is a vacuum mixer homogenizer?


The vacuum emulsifier homogenizer is unique among mixers because it uses the vacuum’s many important functions to improve mixing, product handling, and mixing results. Controlling the mixing environment to make it a vacuum will not only stop aeration, which will damage the mixing blades, but also lead to mixtures with no air bubbles in them.Vacuum mixer homogenizer is a full system for making a viscous emulsion, dispersion, and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries on a small or big scale.

We manufacture all types of vacuum emulsifier homogenizers to meet the needs of our customers. An emulsifier homogenizer that works well with big batches and lots of powdery products; This kind of equipment has capacities that range from 50L to 2000L. An emulsifier homogenizer that can handle small to medium batches of the same size, but it works best with creams and other products that are more liquid, such as homogenizer mixer for cosmetics. On the other hand, an emulsifier homogenizer works well with large batches of emulsions that are made in a steady stream. There are also versions of these machines that are small and inexpensive.

Working Principle of Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer ?

It’s easy to understand how this emulsifying mixer works. The material is first put into a tank for mixing. The emulsifying mixing tank has fixed impellers with holes that help mix everything well. During use, the blades turn forward and backward at different speeds.

Forward mixing starts fast mixing, and reverse mixing starts slow mixing. The front blade will move the material up, and the reverse blade will move it down. You can choose an emulsifying mixer based on its operating capacity and speed and how it will be used.

These two opposing forces keep loading and mixing the materials, which are then thrown out in the middle by centrifugal force. This is done repeatedly until all the parts are well mixed, spread out, and mixed. So, the heat from the jacket quickly gets to every part of the body through the inner wall.

The system works completely without air because the vacuum pump pushes air out of the stainless steel mixing tank. The protective vacuum sensor will maintain normal liquid pressure. In this case, it assumes there is very little or no extra air in the system.

Jinzong Machinery is an experienced and respected vacuum emulsifier homogenizer machine manufacturer in China. Our emulsifying mixers are used extensively in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries to make creams, ointments, lotions, and emulsions.

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